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At Hippo Video, we constantly find new ways to improve the user experience. With that, we would like to share with you a quick round-up of some of our latest product features and updates.

  • NOV
  • Import Video

    Import video from your files and add it to the recorded video.

  • Pro Edit

    Make your videos flawless under Pro edit.

  • Dynamic Integration

    Now it’s easier to create a video presentation in Google Slides using dynamic integration.

  • OCT
  • Organize your videos with ‘Categories’

    Now organize all your videos under categories created according to the video purpose.

  • Markup tools

    Recording a video which is easy to understand has a direct impact on the viewer's interest. With markup tools, make your video more transparent. Check out these tools that let you draw, write during recording.

  • SEP
  • Export your recordings

    Reach your audience now with Hippo Video, as it supports exporting videos to various platforms.

  • Download

    In Hippo Video, you can download all your videos after recording.

  • AUG
  • Replace homework with assignments

    Inspire and engage students in student-centered learning activities through videos. Assign homework to students as assignments in Hippo Video, which lets them create assignments as videos.

  • Video tickets

    Reduce your issue resolving time with tickets. Using tickets makes it easier to understand and analyze the issue.

  • Video editor

    Enhance your video with the simple edit. You can trim, crop and add text to your video along with emoji’s and callouts.

  • JUL
  • User handling

    Manage your users on who can access your videos with activate and deactivate option.

  • It’s no more Hippo Wiz

    Hippo Wiz is now Hippo Video. Catchy and cool, Isn’t it?

  • JUN
  • Share your work

    Sharing allows your videos to reach a larger audience. You now have the option to share recorded videos from Hippo Video.

  • Helpdesk integration

    Customers’ always expect a more specific and clear solution. With Hippo Video, solve all the issues in a way the customer understand using cloud-hosted help desk solutions, Freshdesk and Zendesk.

  • Choose to record with screen record, audio and webcam

    Now record video using all the three recording inputs (screen capture, audio, webcam) at once or choose according to your needs.

  • MAY
  • Click Record Delight

    Recording video is just a click away, in Hippo Video.

Find out the latest information regarding all the updates and features of Hippo Video here.