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At Hippo Video, we constantly find new ways to improve the user experience. With that, we would like to share with you a quick round-up of some of our latest product features and updates.

  • APR
  • Video Demographics Report

    Now get a report on the location and device of your video viewers.
    Location - Location of the viewer while watching your video.
    Device - Which device was used to watch your video.

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  • Salesforce Desk.com Integration

    Speed up your customer's issue resolution with videos. Hippo Video is now integrated with desk.com support solution.

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  • Slack Integration

    Hippo Video brings out a way to make your team collaboration much efficient by integrating with Slack.

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  • Google Drive Integration

    Now you can do all the things you are able with Hippo Video right inside Google Drive.

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  • MAR
  • Create Your Own GIFs

    Sometimes it’s a lot easier to convey information through a GIF rather than an image or a video. With Hippo Video, you can turn your short videos into GIFs.

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  • Try Hippo Video Before Signing Up

    Want to try how Hippo Video works for you?
    It’s easy. We allow guest access, where you can record a video and edit it without having to sign up with us.

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  • React to Videos

    Hippo Video has introduced reaction comments. Your video viewers can easily express themselves with emoji.

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  • FEB
  • Notifications

    Now get all the real-time updates of your video engagement like number of views, comments and replies through notifications.

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  • Comments

    Hippo Video has introduced text and video comments. Your video viewers can now add a text comment or record a video as comment to your videos.

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  • Video Creation Widget

    Place the Hippo Video Widget anywhere on your website with an embed code. Let your users record videos and share them without leaving your website or help desk.

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  • JAN
  • Gmail Integration

    Send video as a reply from your Gmail account. You can record video, request a video reply and mail existing videos to your recipients. Video link will be copied to your clipboard, as soon as your video ends.

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  • FB Workplace Integration

    FB Workplace is a powerful medium for people to interact within organizations. Starting today, Hippo Video users can record, edit and post videos on the workplace wall or to a group straight from Hippo Video.

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  • DEC
  • Privacy Settings

    Choose who can watch your videos. You can set video as
    1. Private - Only you can watch the video
    2. Only people with the link can watch the video
    3. Share it with anyone in the organization

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  • Password Protection for Videos

    Protect your videos with a password. This gives you the option to control who can access your videos.

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  • Set Video Expiry

    Set an expiry for your video by choosing the date and time you want the video to expire.

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  • D2L Integration

    Hippo Video now offers an easy way to create, edit and post videos to the D2L right from its learning space.

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  • NOV
  • Video Analytics

    Measure the performance of your video based on the number of views and shares.

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  • Google Docs Integration

    Record your documents with Hippo Video right from Google Docs.

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  • Google Classroom Integration

    Post videos as assignments, questions and announcements from Google Classroom.

  • Import Clips to Modify Videos

    Import audio and video clips from your drive and add them to the recorded video.

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  • Import Video

    Edit your videos by importing them to Hippo Video account.

  • Pro Edit

    Make your videos flawless under Pro edit.

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  • Google Slides Integration

    Record a video presentation from Google Slides with Hippo Video.

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  • OCT
  • Organize Your Videos with ‘Categories’

    Now organize all your videos under categories created according to the video purpose.

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  • Markup Tools

    Recording a video which is easy to understand has a direct impact on the viewer's interest. With markup tools, make your video more transparent. Check out these tools that let you draw, write during recording.

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  • SEP
  • Export Your Recordings

    Reach your audience now with Hippo Video, as it supports exporting videos to various platforms.

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  • Download

    In Hippo Video, you can download all your videos after recording.

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  • AUG
  • Replace Homework with Assignments

    Inspire and engage students in student-centered learning activities through videos. Assign homework to students as assignments in Hippo Video, which lets them create assignments as videos.

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  • Video Tickets

    Reduce your issue resolving time with tickets. Using tickets makes it easier to understand and analyze the issue.

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  • Video Editor

    Enhance your video with the simple edit. You can trim, crop and add text to your video along with emoji’s and callouts.

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  • JUL
  • User Handling

    Manage your users on who can access your videos with activate and deactivate option.

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  • It’s no more Hippo Wiz

    Hippo Wiz is now Hippo Video. Catchy and cool, Isn’t it?

  • JUN
  • Share Your Work

    Sharing allows your videos to reach a larger audience. You now have the option to share recorded videos from Hippo Video.

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  • Helpdesk Integration

    Customers’ always expect a more specific and clear solution. With Hippo Video, solve all the issues in a way the customer understand using cloud-hosted help desk solutions, Freshdesk and Zendesk.

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  • Choose to Record with Screen Record, Audio and Webcam

    Now record video using all the three recording inputs (screen capture, audio, webcam) at once or choose according to your needs.

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  • MAY
  • Click Record Delight

    Recording video is just a click away, in Hippo Video.

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