List of Top 18 Sales Tools For Sales Leaders [Infographic Inside]

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Sales tools are no longer just any fancy additions to your sales teams – these tools are mandatory to help you work smarter, not harder! 

According to a study by LinkedIn, it found that the performance of top sales reps to be correlated to the set of tools they use. Furthermore, the study found that 82% of top-performing sales reps say that these tools are “critical” to their ability to close deals. 

That is why choosing the right ones becomes critical. Keeping this in mind, we have picked the brains of sales experts such as Nancy Nardin, Morgan J Ingram, John Barrows, Jeb Blount, among many others to spill their secrets on the best tools to use. 

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The infographic below showcases a list of some of the best tools they use to support their sales teams and processes. 

Have a look!

On average, a sales rep uses a minimum of 6 sales tools. However,  it has been found that only a third of companies think their tech tools have an impact on their success.

So this infographic provided by experts is a well-rounded list of all the tools that will benefit every salesperson out there. Also there are mobile sales prospecting tools which could benefit you anywhere, anytime!

This list covers every aspect of sales right from using Hippo Video to improve customer experience through videos to deriving data and insights from your customer interactions using Chorus to boosting your organization’s sales and prospecting efforts using SalesLoft and much more. 

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So get cracking and use them to smash your sales quota. Are you ready?

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