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Hippo Video To Exhibit At Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) In Orlando

January 10, 2018


Hippo Video To Exhibit At Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) In Orlando

FETC is around the corner. Hippo Video starts off with a bang.

Ask why?

We’re showcasing Hippo Video with thousands of education leaders from across the world at FETC – the largest education technology conference in Orlando.

Hippo Video is proud to be exhibiting to the most energetic education professionals who gather for a collaborative exploration of new technologies in the education sector.

Schools, teachers, education directors, curriculum specialists, media and other educators with roles or interest in education technologies attend FETC every year. They find the professional learning, technology solutions and network they need to transform learning in and out of the classroom.

Isn’t this cool to start the year?

What Hippo Video has in store for FETC 2018?

Technology is everywhere in education. Hippo Video aims to help schools and educators enhance their teaching experience and improve student success with videos. Hippo Video is a one-stop platform for all your video needs from creating, editing, hosting, sharing and tracking. We take care of entire lifecycle of a video.

Why Video in Education?

Research shows that the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Visual education aids like video can improve learning styles and increase information retained.

Traditional education often results in limited engagement and poor learning outcomes. This is the reason why a lot of schools have started adopting videos in education.

Increase in student access to technology has paved the way for flipped classrooms. It’s gaining traction among many educational institutions.

A quick look at what Hippo Video offers in education:

Flipped Classroom – Students can consume lectures as videos at their own pace, revisit concepts and receive instant feedback from teachers.

Video Assignments – You don’t have to sign up to create videos. With guest recording link, students can record assignments as video/audio and email them.

Record Feedback – Record personalized feedback on student’s work. Add voice and face to the video to bring in nonverbal and voice intonation cues.

Digital Whiteboard Explainers – Recording a digital whiteboard explainer creates a live classroom atmosphere for the students.

Integrations – Hippo Video is integrated with Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Docs, Gmail, and D2L.

Want to be a part of next-gen education? Join us at FETC. Booth 2011B. Don’t miss to check us out for a chat. 

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