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Ladder’s Eye-tracking study reveals that “recruiters spend merely 7.5 seconds skimming a resume”. Therefore it is incredibly important that you capitalize those few precious seconds using the video resumes to stand out from the crowd.

Video resumes fillip your profile forward because it shows the recruiters that the candidate has done his research about the position, company and other requisites than just click, apply, and send the resume. 

Likewise, video resumes have the ability to bring out the undefinable aspects of a job seeker such as their humor, charisma, communication skills, etc that a text resume cannot. 

What should you say in a video resume?

So, get out there, for once without the masks and sanitizers 😉 send over a video resume. Here is a quick checklist on what you should be including in your video resume. 

  1. Introduce yourself and the position for which you are applying.
  2. A brief account of what you are doing in your current role.
  3. Describe what kind of person you are and what makes you, YOU.
  4. Describe your USP, why should the firm hire you (this is usually the most important question in many job interviews and perhaps in the mind of any employer)
  5. Close with a compelling and strong statement.

Here is a sample video resume to help you get started:

In order to put together this crisp and brief video, it will be helpful to be prepared with answers to these questions:

  1. How relevant is your job role with the one for which you are applying? E.g. relevant experience, qualifying degree, or certification.
  2. What are your values? E.g. character, morality
  3. What would get you up in the morning? E.g. your passion
  4. What drives you towards your USP? E.g. your motivation
  5. What talents make you different from the rest? E.g. strong leadership skills, critical thinking, etc.
  6. How do you align yourself in a business environment? E.g. team player, vocal, extroverted

Things to consider before building your video resume

Set the stage

While it is not a billion-dollar project, it is still very important to ensure you make a statement when you shoot that video. Plan what you are going to talk about, keep your script either pinned against the wall or use a teleprompter. Ensure you sit in a place that has good lighting. Check your ambiance to ensure it is free of loud noise, pick a place where it is comfortable for you, and also where you have a clear solid backdrop. Even natural setting will work provided it is not too intrusive or distracting. 

Watch the length of the Video

The length of your video resume is as important as what you say in it. Keep it short and to the point. But don’t make it look as if you are due for a long-pending loo break. Usually, the ideal length of your video resume is estimated to be 1-2 minutes. Don’t be dragging or repetitive. Practice before you speak. 

Keep it conversational

While hiring managers know that they are in for a monologue, the least they would expect is it to be enthusiastic. You are talking about ‘YOU’, isn’t that wonderful? How long have we all been waiting for his opportunity and been cut short many times? So take the chance to sound cheerful about what you have done and who you are. Keep it free-flowing and don’t make it sound like a rehearsed hum-drum. 

Tailor your speech for the platform

Everyone likes the person who takes effort to do their homework and personalize their message. So be that one! If you are going to put your resume up there for Linkedin – understand who you are sending it to. Research about the person’s position and tailor your message. In this case, you want to make it more informal and keep the video general than getting into specifics. 

If you are sending a video resume via email, you can make it more job-specific, focus on the nuances, and give more information on you would like to contribute. Whichever platform you choose, analyze what the medium demands and make your video resume specific. 

Dress appropriately

Although you don’t want to wear your business formals, it is grossly inappropriate to be dressed in your pajama. Make sure you are presentable and groomed (the idea is not recommending a salon visit before every video) that can be achieved well within the budget you could afford. 

Okay, now that we have the ground rules in place. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

You are only four steps away from creating a killer video resume.

Step 1:  

Go to URL:

You can directly click on “Create Video Resume Now” and start shooting a video resume right away

Step 2

You will notice that the recording begins after a count down of 3.

Once you are done, click finish recording and you can play your video resume. You have the option to retake to reshoot the video again. 

Click on ‘Edit’ if you are ready make edits to your video.

The edit tool has the following options :

Trim –  Lets you trim the footage of the video

Crop – Lets you decide the frame size and crop the rest

Text – Add employer-specific details or names inside your videos at ease

Emoji – Lighten up the mood with some popular emojis 

Callout – Add text callouts to your video

Blur – You can blur any sensitive data from the video you show 

Resize – You can resize the picture frame 

Once you finish editing, go on and click Submit.

Step 3:

You will notice a simple form that can be filled in where you have the option to upload your text resume and also your achievements, certificates etc.

Step 4

After filling it, click on create video resume and voila you are done!


Santhoshi Natarajan

A content strategist at Hippo Video and a communication specialist who is passionate about building content and business network.

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