5 Mobile Sales Prospecting Tools to 2x Your Revenue from Anywhere

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Today, technology has a massive impact on businesses, it has become imperative for sales reps to arm themselves with mobile prospecting tools.

Mobile technology has become increasingly important, and with it, sales reps are untethered from the need to be in front of their laptops in order to be 100% productive.

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According to Forbes, 90% of executives use smartphones on a day-to-day basis. At a Salesforce leadership presentation, a senior team member showed that sales reps today are 31% more productive when connected to mobile.

“…business leaders and decision-makers are recognizing the capabilities their devices bring to daily business operations. Increasingly, decision-makers are using their mobile devices both inside and outside the office—on the path to purchase—to obtain information, conduct research, and buy products and services for their organizations.” – Forbes Insights report, “The Connected Executive: Mobilizing the Path to Purchase”

With these stats, you must be driven to download a few sales tools and dive straight into prospecting. But hold on! With countless sales enablement tools out there, it can get a bit confusing in determining the ones that actually improve your work life. Whether they are inbound prospecting tool or outbound sales tools, prospecting tools are gold. So here are 5 best sales prospecting tools that are quintessential to help boost sales productivity and enable you to stay ahead of your competitors.

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sales prospecting tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Find prospects on-the-go!

sales prospecting tools

Sales prospecting shouldn’t stop once you leave your desk! With Sales Navigator mobile app, you can keep your finger firmly on the pulse of your sales world whether you’re an inside sales rep or a seasoned road warrior. Here are a few notable benefits that will make prospecting on-the-go a breeze:

  • Prepping for a meeting?

    Because of the integration with CRM systems, Sales Navigator will provide easy access to all relevant information and insights about the account from the app.

  • Stuck in traffic?

    Embrace the wait. Take the time to check on your existing accounts and view messages – have your leads published a new content? Or an account has announced a major initiative? With an app on the go, you will never miss notifications of InMail responses and messages.

  • Sipping your latte?

    Build your pipeline. Scan through the Discover tab to view daily lead and account recommendations based on your preferences. With this, you can view the person’s current designation, location, shared connections, and relevant industry information. And what if the prospect is within your vicinity? Just share your location with them through the “Send Your Location” feature for a meeting or a cup of coffee. You can do this while messaging them through the app.

  • Attending a conference or an event?

    Instead of collecting business cards at an event, save them as a lead on your mobile app and invite them to connect. Once they’re saved, you can tag them as it will help you keep track of where you met and why the connection matters. E.g., Name of the conference, their role (decision-maker, influencer, and so on). Don’t worry, this information is private, so your connections won’t see what you’ve jotted down.

  • Lights! Smartphone! Action!

    – With a massive influx of sales reps leveraging “social selling”, decision-makers’ LinkedIn inboxes are nearly saturated. Differentiate yourself and win the LinkedIn inbox by creating engaging and personalized videos to convey your message. Therefore, whether you are in your car or stuck in a meeting,  switch on your mobile camera and record a quick video as there is no better way to humanize your message and put to use your best sales asset: YOU!

         Compatible with: iOS and Android

ZoomInfoData intelligence at your fingertips!

On the go? No problem. With ZoomInfo’s mobile app at your fingertips, you can dig up the information you need about your key customers and prospects, from the convenience of anywhere!

Here are the key benefits of the Zoom Info mobile app:

  • ZoomInfo’s advanced search functionality makes it easier to access firmographic data such as the size of the company, type of industry they are in, location of the company, revenue, employee count, etc. This will help you decide if those are the companies you want to reach out to. 
  • With data that’s continuously being updated, get access to direct phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses of key decision-makers. 
  • With access to the Newsfeed, you can ensure you are staying up to date on your accounts at all times, never missing a beat.
  • Initiate a call to a contact or company directly from the app.
  • By saving your top searches, you will automatically be alerted when a new contact or company meets your criteria, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. 
  • It keeps you updated on who was hired, who left, and what’s happening with that company in the news.

            Compatible with: iOS and android

Hippo VideoSend videos from anywhere, anytime!

sales prospecting tools

Work is where you are! Don’t wait to reach your office to contact your client. With Hippo Video mobile app, create and send out videos efficiently from wherever you are, regardless of location, device, or time.

Here are some key benefits of Hippo Video mobile app:

  • Click-record-email!

    A short video can demonstrate more advantages of your product/service than a text-rich email or a PowerPoint presentation. With the Hippo video mobile app, you can drive more sales by humanizing prospect engagement with videos. Want a kick-ass sales pitch? Just open the app and record a quick video pitch and send you via email – all while you’re on the go! 

  • Grab attention with In-video CTA

    A Call-To-Action (CTA) is the most critical part of any piece of content and videos are no exception. To put it simply, it drives users to act and is therefore worth the effort. With Hippo Video, you can customize your CTA’s to make it more personalized for each prospect to get increased response rates and close more deals. E.g. Request a call-back, Visit website, etc.

  • Personalize your sales page

    A sales page is designed to convince visitors to buy, isn’t it? To achieve this, display your brand on your sales pages by customizing the page with your logo, color tones, adding video carousels, etc. so that prospects see your brand in their entire experience. You can even send an exclusive video sales letter prior to this, to grab the attention of your prospects. 

  • Access your video library

    Access pre-recorded content created across devices on your mobile anytime, anywhere, and share them with your contacts instantly.

  • Track video performance

    Track prospects’ engagement with your video and organize precise follow-ups based on video analytics.

      Compatible with: iOS and android

BuiltwithGenerate business leads faster!


Have you ever stumbled upon a well-built website and wondered “Just how did they make this?” The good news is you can find out for yourself by using BuiltWith. 

Here’s how BuiltWith will help you:

  • Lead generation and sales intelligence

    Suppose you’re selling a WordPress plug-in and you want to reach out to companies who use WordPress. Using BuiltWith, you can look up a list of websites that use WordPress. You can then generate a list of prospects, applying filters to drill down to exactly the right audience. 

  • In-depth report

    BuiltWith simplifies the prospecting process by giving you access to reports containing vital information such as email addresses, phone numbers, location, social media links, revenue, their spend on tech, etc.

  • Be pitch ready

    What’s more, BuiltWith can help improve your sales pitches to these prospects once you reach out to them. You can get a clear snapshot of the web technologies that a prospect is using –  as well as their competitors. 

  • Update on market trends

    BuiltWith also provides insights about which technologies are gaining or losing popularity in the market, helping you make a better case.

   Compatible with: Mobile app unavailable. Desktop versions can be accessed through mobile.

CalendlyHassle-free scheduling from anywhere!

sales prospecting tools

With the Calendly mobile app, your experience is optimized for mobile so you can quickly schedule meetings wherever your day takes you.

What can you do with the Calendly mobile app:

  • Share your links

    Gone are the days when you needed your laptop to schedule meetings. With a single tap, you can copy your scheduling links and paste them in your email, texts, or other apps seamlessly. 

  • View upcoming meetings

    Now your scheduled Calendly events are just a tap away. With just a glance into the ‘month view’ tab, you can get a broad picture of all the scheduled events, invitee information, and also the web conferencing link. And what’s more, you can now join calls right from the app!

  • Reschedule easily

    If you frequently take meetings outside the office, Calendly is your savior. With simple reschedule and cancel buttons on your event details, you can quickly move things around if travel times change or you expectedly hit rush hour. 

   Compatible with: iOS and Android

Wrap Up!

The digital revolution has dramatically transformed the sales world! With smart mobile prospecting tools, sales reps are now hyper-efficient and ultra-effective as they’re able to access their entire database at any time, allowing them to keep in touch with more prospects and collect new and relevant information, while on-the-go. 

The future of the sales team is mobile. Is your sales team ready? 

sales prospecting tools

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