7 Ideas for Your Outreach Video Strategy

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outreach video strategy

Research shows that communication is a lot more than the words you use.

Your body language accounts for 55% of communication as per Albert Mehrabian’s communication model. Only 7% is related to the actual words you use and 38% of meaning is derived from the tone of your voice.

Perhaps this is what makes video the most effective and fastest form of interpersonal communication.

outreach video strategy

70% of the customers watch a video throughout their path to purchase

outreach video strategy

From brand awareness to lead generation and conversion – video has become a way to get your message across and attract and influence buyers. Why should it be any different for sales prospecting? If you’re still living in a text-only world and sending out plain-jane emails to contacts, crossing your fingers that you get a response, chances are you’re frustrated.

What is the secret sauce for more opens and click-throughs for your emails? Video!

Why has video worked so far, and will soon become a more deeply integrated part of the sales process?

  • It’s visual

  • It’s personal

  • It’s memorable &

  • It stands out in your contact’s cluttered inbox.

As a savvy salesperson who is watching trends closely, if you haven’t yet jumped on the video bandwagon, do it now to reap the benefits before everyone else. “But video is complicated and time-consuming. Not to mention too expensive.” Does this sound like you? If yes, let’s bust that myth too.

In a world consuming so much video content (in 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads) – creation has become easier than ever.

Inexpensive and easy-to-use tools help you create, personalize and share videos for sales easily and also measure their impact at the click of a button.

So where should you begin? Here are 7 different ways you can incorporate video to your sales strategy:


As per MailVU.com, if you send an email to say 100 prospects today, expect only 5 to open it. Email open and response rates are worsening and the only way to combat that is by trying new formats. Video is one such way.

Simply shot videos where you introduce yourself and your product and direct a prospect to a helpful link or brochure, can do more for you than a text-only email that may never even see the light of day.

A pro-tip here is to integrate outreach videos as part of your workflow so that it becomes a habit. You will see higher engagement rates like never before.

Tip: Create prospecting videos that help build trust with viewers. Trust will lead to high-quality sales prospects.

outreach video strategy


The full potential of what video can do for sales is still untapped which means there is no rulebook and you can create your own. Say you met someone at a tradeshow and you exchanged business cards. As you prepare to send your follow-up email a couple of days later, you realize that there might be at least 10-15 more people like you reaching out to him via email. How can you stand out? A personalized outreach video email is a great reminder of that 2-minute conversation you had and is the next best way to replicate a face-to-face chat. It’s a great way to start a new relationship and build trust.

Tip: Be yourself. The success of video is that it lends authenticity and an element of ‘realness’ to a process like sales which may otherwise seem clinical and automated. Present yourself with authenticity and create content from that space for best results.

Product demos

Are you still trying to set up meetings to give product demos? With outreach sales videos, you can move a customer along the sales cycle much faster as you provide a product tour or demo to them at a time and place of their convenience.

As per a study by Gong.io found out that closed/won deals reported 41% higher webcam usage than others. This means, clients develop more trust in their sales reps as they see them on camera vis-a-vis just seeing a product demo.

Tip: Design our product tours in a way that reps can potentially superimpose their video as the demo happens, instead of simply recording one with a voiceover.

Case studies and testimonials

The video needs to be part of your entire sales strategy, from prospecting to closing and upselling. These two types of videos play a key role in helping close a deal through social proof and references.

The key factor of seeing a real person talk about your products with authenticity on camera adds credibility to your sales message and is more effective than text-only testimonials.


In certain industries, deals get delayed because of complex contracts and documentation which may require handholding. Here too, video can play an important role to resolve issues and close faster.The other exciting thing about this is that the videos are recorded and there is no need to go back and forth on what was said and what wasn’t. It is a real-time solution to a very common problem.

Holiday Greetings

The holiday season is a great time to spread some cheer and also let your clients know you’re thinking of them. You can also use this time as an opportunity to get creative with video and show off a warmer and non-business side to your personality! And outreach video is also a great way to stand out from the clutter of holiday messages already in their inbox, so be extra creative.

Tip: Plan ahead and create a message that is genuine and stands out. Share news about offers, talk about the year that was, thank your customers or simply spread some holiday cheer.

Hello, again!

A good salesperson keeps track of old contacts that may have fallen through the sales cycle and keeps finding ways to reinitiate contact.

Season’s greetings, or sharing news about your work, products or simply saying hello to remind them of you, be creative when using this face-to-face approach which is only second to the real thing.The massive explosion of video consumption and creation has made video accessible and a democratic tool for all to use. And use it we must. The tools to get you started are all available and extremely simple to use.

A video tool especially for sales

As you venture into this new territory, you need a partner that can help you use the power of video correctly, with real measurable results in mind. Hippo video, is a personalization and distribution platform geared towards sales where reps can create, share, personalize and track videos within one platform.

Its integrations to leading sales engagement platforms like Outreach make it even more robust and apt for your sales team to create a video strategy that helps them do what they do best – close more deals.

outreach video strategy

A content strategist at Hippo Video and a communication specialist who is passionate about building content and business network.
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