8 Cool Video Ideas For Digital Marketing Agencies To Acquire & Retain Clients Better

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Businesses today should recognize that in the digital space buyers have limited time and patience. And they are looking for heightened engagement as they have enough information already to ask more questions.

With the ever-changing business landscape, acquiring and retaining clients continue to be among the biggest challenges for marketing agencies. In a recent survey, the major difficulty in the sales process for an agency was to get in touch and connect with its prospects and a whopping 64% of them agreed to not using videos while prospecting or closing a deal.

“Research shows that video can help triple response rate to emails,
and also close 41% more deals.”

Videos are not only the closest alternative to face-to-face interaction, making the conversation more genuine and memorable, but it also helps to build trust with prospects early on. So let’s understand how videos in digital agencies can be successful sales strategy for prospecting, closing, and follow-ups. 

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Why include videos in your sales process?

Video vs Text emails. Videos win.  

They are more interesting, fun, and faster to process.

Visual appeal:

The human brain captures images faster and retains them longer than text. Your body language accounts for 55% of communication, 38% of the meaning is derived from the tone of your voice and only 7% is related to the actual words. It is our tone that communicates the message better than mere use of words, making video the most effective method of communication.

The human element:

Sales is not B2C or B2B, it is Human2Human and video leverages that. Video cannot hide expressions, gestures, and emotions – it’s a great way of forming an authentic relationship with your prospects. This one change will add that ‘x’ factor your sales process desperately needs to stand out of the clutter. Also, your prospecting shouldn’t be just about establishing contact with clients. It should be heartfelt and show a genuine interest in fixing their problems.

Where can you use video in the sales cycle?

Video can literally be used in every stage of a sales cycle as each stage requires human interaction. You can incorporate videos in outreach, discovery, demos, follow up emails,  proposals, even use it post a meeting to recap the key points. Here are some video examples that can be used in the sales process to acquire more clients.

Prospecting Phase

Goal: Kick-off a relationship

Most positively impacted by video

At this stage, you could be indulging in cold outreach, or it might be an email to someone who has come through your marketing funnel and knows your agency by name. The objective at this stage is to simply start a relationship. This phase is where you see the maximum benefit of video email as it truly grabs the attention of the prospect in that messy, overflowing inbox.

The message at this point should cover the following questions:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell them why you are reaching out
  • Provide immediate value
  • Ask a question that prompts a response

video in digital marketing agencies

Types of videos you can use 

1. The Whiteboard: 

Using a whiteboard with the name of the prospect and questions is a great and simple way to personalize your video. Research shows that personalized emails get 29% higher email open rates and 41% higher click-through rates than ordinary emails. So using a thumbnail with you holding up the name of the prospect on a whiteboard is sure to improve your chances of clicks.

video in digital marketing agencies

2. The Website Scroll:

Say you are an agency that provides end to end digital marketing services. How about a screen share video as you talk about the prospects website, pointing out what you would change and why, and offer tips to increase conversion? When a prospect sees his company’s website on your thumbnail, he is immediately intrigued.

3. The LinkedIn Profile:

A video with a prospect’s LinkedIn profile can be a great way to get their attention and also maybe talk about something you have in common with them – such as a mutual connection, congratulate your prospect on a recent promotion or just be transparent and say you were doing some research on LinkedIn and came across their profile. This is a great way to make the video about them instead of babbling on about yourself, your product, and why it is the best thing to happen to them today.

4. Follow-ups:

A follow-up video is a good way to remind your lead about the last conversation and recap what was discussed to ensure you are on the same page. You could add a tinge of humor or share important information in case the prospect has gone dark. Make sure you clearly define the next steps and call-to-action so that you are both aligned on what happens next.

5. Nurturing Phase

Goal:  Understand how your services can address their problems

Once you’ve completed the discovery call to understand their pain points & needs, use resources like testimonials from other clients, ebooks, and articles to keep them engaged and ensure they don’t fall out of the sales funnel and further deepen your relationship. Use screen share format to talk through an important case study where you have solved a similar problem and summarize key points for them.

6. Proposal Phase 

Goal: Close the deal

At this stage, a video can be a great way to set expectations and talk about the key points from the proposal. It is a common practice for companies to evaluate multiple agencies, so leverage the power of videos to stand out of the crowd. Put out a proposal walkthrough video showcasing the services with their pricing; if you have any value-added services, highlight them. 

Go beyond just the proposal and forecast results. Use data elements such as graphs to show how much clients can gain in a quarter or for 6 months. 

video in digital marketing agenciesThis approach is especially beneficial when the prospect’s company has multiple stakeholders and the video can simply be shared with them. It also ensures things move faster. The webcam + screen share video is a good approach to follow at this stage.

Videos for client engagement

Now that you’re convinced with the power of videos and how they can help you in acquiring clients, let’s look at some of the ways in which you can use videos to keep your existing clients informed and educated through stories, providing insights, and also encourage customers to celebrate some of your important milestones. 

7. Video reports

Replace your monthly pdf and ppt reports such as improvement in website traffic, SEO ranking, social media followers & engagement, and no of leads generated with videos. Have your account manager walk through the highlights in screen record video format and attach the detailed report as pdf. This is a smart way to keep all your stakeholders informed of the progress instead of sending them pages of reports.

video in digital marketing agencies

8. Cross-sell/ up-sell videos

One way to grow your agency revenue without increasing costs is by up-selling, or cross-selling services to your existing clients. If you are a full-service digital marketing agency and you’ve recently completed a website project for a client, you can send them a video to them pitching other services like SEO, SEM & Social media. Include a happy customer story to walk them through the case study in a video to add more credibility.


Whatever videos you are sending there are a few basic guidelines that you must remember to follow. Make sure you keep your videos short. It should be no more than one minute at the maximum (explainer and demos are an exception). Keep your video engaging by giving an opportunity for the prospect to interact. Don’t forget to include CTAs in your video to gently nudge prospects to take action and to see some cash flowing in. Most of all commit to regularly providing useful insights that will benefit your prospects.

video in digital marketing agencies

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