Sanjana Murali

  Sanjana owns inbound and branding at Hippo Video. She loves to talk about branding and marketing with videos. She values intelligent conversations more than anything else. An eternal writer, words are her lifeline.


25 Stories by Sanjana Murali

8 Innovative Ways To Use Technology In Education

Recent research states that the use of technology in education has improved student’s academic performance drastically. Though traditional classroom teaching may still be prevalent,...
3 2 min read

Nurture your customer onboarding with these six types of videos

We are slowly shifting the mode of browsing from reading texts to videos. It’s not just about Facebook or YouTube videos, even at our...
0 2 min read

Announcement: Record Class Lectures In All-New Ways With Hippo Video

Wonders happen when you record class lectures with Hippo Video. You can discover unique opportunities for teaching at every level. Learning becomes deeply engaging...
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How To Reduce Churn At Various Stages Of Customer Journey With Videos?

A few years back, businesses were product-centric, but today, things are way different. A new revolution has taken place in the Customer Journey. The...
0 3 min read

What’s the difference between customer success vs customer support?

Did you know “Customer Support” and “Customer Success” are not the same, but work together? This infographic shows the difference between Customer Success vs...
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