Santhoshi Natarajan

  A content strategist at Hippo Video and a communication specialist who is passionate about building content and business network.


20 Stories by Santhoshi Natarajan

Cold Email Templates To Get 3x Response Rates

Cold emailing is harder because of two reasons: for one, you don’t have a prior relationship with the prospect, two: you can’t modify your...
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Everything you need to know about SDR-AE Handoff

What is a lead hand-off process? When a lead or prospect moves forward in the sales funnel, the Sales Development Rep (SDR), who prospected,...
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7 Things to Not Say During a Discovery Call

Discovery call – a revelation about your prospect : In the world of sales, a discovery call sets the stage for an SDR who...
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Prospecting Best Practices for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social media tools for sales reps, especially in the B2B sector. But to be successful and to close...
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Email outreach personalization tips to increase response rates

Learn how adding videos to your emails can increase open and response rates.
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3 Cold Emails Tips For Quick Response

As you’re building your sales pipeline, the chances are that cold emails remain an essential part of the process. As a result, many businesses...
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Sending Videos from Outreach to close more deals

In 1896, a 50-second silent film, shot by the Lumiere brothers was first screened, showing a train pulling up at a railway station, left...
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7 Ideas for Your Outreach Video Strategy

Research shows that communication is a lot more than the words you use. Your body language accounts for 55% of communication as per Albert...
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6 Benefits of Adding Videos to Your Outreach Sequences

The concept of sales cadences have been around for quite some time since their first recorded usage in 2003 by IBM, their relevance and...
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A Short Story on Video Selling That Doubled Revenue

The Challenge: Bob, the CEO of a medium-sized software company that had a broad horizontal offering, wanted to double the company’s revenue in comparison...
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