Nurture your customer onboarding with these six types of videos

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We are slowly shifting the mode of browsing from reading texts to videos. It’s not just about Facebook or YouTube videos, even at our workplace, we prefer watching videos rather than reading lengthy texts. When we ‘ourselves’ tend to watch videos, what about our customers? Well, you could nurture the SaaS customer onboarding checklist with videos.

If you want your customers to grow with you and get the most out of your product, there is no other better choice than Videos!

6 Ways To Use Videos In SaaS Customer Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding Videos

How do you do customer onboarding?  If you are still doing it the traditional way through texts, you would be outdated soon. Videos are the new-gen of onboarding. It holds the attention of your customers and keeps them engaged for a longer period of time.

The first fortnight your customers get to spend with your product decides if your onboarding worked its best or not. Make the best use of videos to derive the maximum benefit.

Self-help Docs with Videos

With a well-organized self-help doc in place, solutions to your customer queries will be at fingertips, in turn, offering quicker resolution time.  When video becomes a part of this self-help repository, it gets even better.

Embedding videos at the start of every self-help doc with its transcript written below are of great use for two particular reasons:

  • Aids those who watch videos on mute
  • Aids those who might be looking for just one step of the process, and scanning the video description would be a feasible option in such cases

Meet-The-Team Videos

People-skill is important to be good at handling people. As you start building a long-term relationship with your customers, welcome them in knowing a little bit more about you to give them that trust.

With videos, you can showcase your team to your customers or even do a production film that shows the ‘real’ side of your customer team or your whole company with a tinge of humor and fun!

Support Videos

Customer, when faced with an issue, sends out an email detailing the issue to the support team. The support team, then, responds to an answer and most of the time it doesn’t end with a single email exchange. It goes on and on resulting in a chunk of email exchanges even for a small issue. This process can eat away a considerable amount of time and productivity. It also becomes difficult to schedule one on one calls for every small issue put forth. What can be an easy solution to this?

Video Tickets: The one-stop solution for resolving customer issues quickly!

Videos let you capture issues clearly and helps in guiding your customers on the quickest resolution path, ensuring effective communication. Allowing your customers to create video ticket lets them record issues clearly, thereby simplifying troubleshooting process.

 With Hippo Video, anybody from your support team would be able to view customer/team created videos and resolve them.

Do you know the difference between Customer Support and Customer Success? Check out my infographic here stating the clear differences between them.

Customer Stories

Sharing customer stories strengthens your product offerings, helps your customers in understanding how the product can be put to use at its best and creates an opportunity for upselling.

Customer’s word of mouth works far better than vouching for one’s own product. When your customer advocates your product, it builds trust among your prospects. It serves as a proof that you do solve customer’s problems and provide benefits. A study reveals that website visitors are 64 percent more likely to follow through with a conversion after watching a video.

“Videos build trust and are seen more believable”

Personalized Campaign Videos

What do you think works better? Sending out automated text emails or personalized videos?

As a company, practicing customer success to build a relationship with your customers, sending out personalized videos would make a big difference. Video allows us to communicate better through body language. Your customers would hear you say their name and the gestures you carry forward while speaking.

Communicating clearly through videos aids in resolving issues much quicker, gives a personal touch, and humanizes the experience between you and your customer. Replacing text-based emails with personalized videos will help improve email open and click-through rates, thereby positive outreach.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, give Hippo Video a free trial for 7 days. Videos can bring in a long-term relationship with your customers during the phase of customer onboarding!

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Sanjana Murali is a Marketing Specialist at Hippo Video. She is an award-winning blogger, one of her articles on “Customer Success” was selected from worldwide participants and won her MVP 2019 award. She has learned the knack of ranking her blogs and website pages in the 1st result of Google Search from her 6+ years of writing and marketing experience. She is also the host of #Limitless webinar and podcast series at Hippo Video. She loves to talk about branding and marketing with videos. An eternal writer, words are her lifeline.
Sanjana Murali

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