Hippo Video Wins Best Software Awards 2023 by G2

G2 Best Software Awards 2023: Hippo Video Bags Three

Hippo Video walks down the red carpet of ‘The G2 Software Awards 2023’ with 3 awards. Yet again!  

We won 2 awards in 2022, and the current year brings us one more! 

The 3 awards for 2023 include….

🥇 Top 50 Collaboration and Productivity Products (Ranked 10)

🥇 Top 50 Software Sellers from India (Ranked 20)

🥇 Top 50 Design Products (Ranked 42)

Awards are always special. And winning awards based on the customer’s trusted review and feedback makes it even more special for all the good reasons.  

Every day, thousands of software users head to G2 to leave their genuine review of a product. G2 finalizes the list of the best software products each year based on these reviews.

What makes these awards so special? 

If there were Oscars for software products, it would be the G2 Annual Awards. G2 is the biggest software review platform and probably the best out there in its own rights. 

Numerous software products across the world compete in various categories for these prestigious awards each year.

And these awards are incredibly valuable because they are given away based on user reviews. That’s people with first-hand experience with each product, giving an honest and unbiased assessment. 

To ensure that only the best of the best are recognized and rewarded, software awards are presented to those demonstrating excellence in innovation and customer service.

Why G2 Awards is a Big Deal?

G2’s best of software list is based on a company’s previous year’s performance, and the ranks are allocated by measuring usability and scalability across all software products in a particular category. 

It is considered a great deal among software companies even to be a part of this list! But how has Hippo Video secured not one or two but three awards in highly competitive categories?

How has Hippo Video Become the Key Differentiator? 

In simple words, Hippo Video has created the Video Monopoly. 

What started as a single product with a few features in 2017 has transformed into a platform that houses tens of innovative products that manifest an interactive customer experience powered by AI.

A Brief Look into the Early Video Adaption (2015 – 2020)

People might credit the recent upsurge in video usage to the pandemic, as virtual functioning was the need of the hour. 

But in reality, sales, support, and marketing teams have started realizing the power of videos even before the pandemic. The realization came at the cost of sending thousands of templated text-email campaigns and getting no responses. 

Business owners have realized that they need something out of the box to stand out in their customers’ inboxes. 

And, as video is the next best thing to in-person meetings, it has become the inevitable answer. It became an integral part of customer communication.

The Adoption Fueled by the Pandemic

Then the pandemic happened, and more businesses have adapted video selling, video marketing, and video-powered support operations. 

The usage of videos in their static form was increased. Salespeople started using vanilla screen videos for demos and static videos for prospecting, and support teams started using videos to close tickets and marketing for video campaigns. 

This excessive video usage phenomenon suffered the same fate as templated text-based emails, leaving room for innovation and enhanced customer experiences. 

An Evolved Video Dream by Hippo Video

Video is a powerful medium to connect, communicate and convert. But believing the static video version as the true potential of video (as showcased by some of the video platforms) is far from the truth. In other words, it’s just misleading. 

In its all sense, video is much more capable than just sharing screen-recording or templated static videos. 

It can be the tool that interacts with your customers when you are sleeping, working out, or out of the office. 

The hyper-personalization elements of the video help you stay on top of your prospect or customer’s mind whenever they are thinking of a solution. 

Static videos fail to charm this kind of connection and engagement. Hippo Video has been the torchbearer of this innovation. 

With Hippo Video, sales teams can send hyper-personalized videos with interactive video elements that literally connect and interact with their prospects. 

This evolved video experience has become the new norm of customer engagement for many businesses driving 3X engagement across functions. 

The Catch and the Solution 

Video works, and there’s no denying that. 

But sales teams have started perceiving video creation and personalization as time-consuming activities. Indeed, it is. 

What if there is a way to automate video creation? Can you reuse and recycle videos? What about personalizing at scale? 

And once again, Hippo Video took the path less traveled to find solutions for video scalability and automation. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Rescue 

Interactivity, personalization, and scalability have always been the biggest challenges to overcome in using video for business. 

But that’s before Hippo Video. 

Now with Humanize AI, you can create 100s of personalized videos in the time it takes to create one! And the best part? Humanize AI voice personalizes each video so you can build personalized connections with zero effort. 

Riding the AI Tide in Video Scene  

With its generative AI engine, Hippo Video helped sales teams create interactive customer experiences at scale without increasing the headcount and hampering productivity. 

Hippo Video’s Humanize AI, AI Editor, Video Flows, and tens of other solid features remove the complexity and un-scalability around video creation. 

Humanize AI

Humanize AI allows users to create 100s of personalized videos in the time it takes to create one. Even SDRs without a video creation background can leverage Humanize AI to make professional-looking videos and truly connect with their prospects. It’s easy to use and helps increase meetings booked, achieve 3x engagement, and boosted conversion rates.  

AI Editor

The patent-pending AI Editor enables users to edit their videos seamlessly by just editing the transcription of the video files. Just upload the video to the AI Editor to get the transcript of the video file. Remove the words or parts you want to delete from the final video in the transcription to see the changes made in the final video. In other words, just edit the doc to edit a video. 

Video Flows

Just record the short personal intros and stitch them with the plethora of pre-built video templates to suit every use case at every stage in a buyer’s journey. Make sensible use of recorded videos by eliminating the need for redoing videos for each prospect in the never-ending list. 

Astounding Results!  

​Achieving a 3X increase in meetings booked, higher engagement, and improved win rates, Hippo Video has made giving interactive customer experiences a seamless possibility — which was unattainable even for solutions that have been around for almost a decade. 

The Start for 2023 Couldn’t have been Better!

Hippo Video has made it to headlines recently with its USD 8 Million in funding to drive sales engagement with personalized videos at scale powered by AI. 

And the three awards from G2 are the icing on the cake. We couldn’t be more proud of our customers for making Hippo Video what it is today. And we are truly grateful to them for helping us keep pushing boundaries.