How Goulet Pens Increased Customer Satisfaction With Hippo Video

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About Goulet Pens

Goulet Pens is an online fountain pen store which provides personal online shopping experience through innovative products, exemplary service, and comprehensive education.

Industry: Ecommerce        Location: Virginia, United States

Challenges at Goulet Pens

Prior to using Hippo Video, the customer care team at Goulet Pens was using a traditional ticketing system to respond to the customer inquiries.

Here are the key support challenges faced by Goulet Pens:

  • Since a pen has many spare parts, customers found it challenging to understand the support given through emails. Customers were not able to visualize how to correctly assemble the pens as stated in support.
  • First Contact Resolution rate was high, due to multiple responses or missing out on responses to inquiries.

These challenges made Goulet Pens find an effective support solution to address these support challenges.

Why Goulet Pens Chose Hippo Video

Immediate resolution of customer issues was the topmost priority for the customer care team at Goulet Pens. With this intent, Drew – Customer Care Manager started to research on the potential solution that could address his company’s pain points. Soon realized that use of videos could easily solve customer issues.

Drew chose Hippo Video as it allowed him to create quick videos and share them with his customers instantly. With videos in support, Drew was able to resolve customer queries easily.


Hippo Video Success

Hippo Video has played a pivotal role in transforming the customer support process at Goulet Pens.

What Brian Goulet, CEO of The Goulet Pen Company had to say after using Hippo Video,

“I’m absolutely thrilled at the potential that Hippo Video has for us. Hippo Video is helping us serve our customers better, in return our customers are seeing the value. Great work! “

  • Troubleshooting issue is now easier. Hippo Video allows Goulet Pens customer care team to record an explainer video directly from the support form while responding to a ticket. In turn, Goulet Pens customers are able to visualize how the problem has to be resolved instantly.
  • User engagement is simplified by sending videos to communicate a technical explanation than text-based explanations.
  • Customer care representatives at Goulet Pens adds 30-sec self-introduction videos in the signature of their emails to connect with their customers. This personal face-to-face connection is bringing in highest customer engagement and trust.

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Love From Goulet Pens Customers

Drew recorded his first support video and sent out to one of their customers. The customer was so impressed that he wrote the following email to Brian Goulet, CEO.

“Brian. Wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service I just received from Anna. I recently received my Karas Kustom, and could not figure out how to connect the nib section to the barrel with a cartridge attached. We were unable to communicate on exactly the problem. Anna made a video on how to attach the nib and ink. I immediately saw the problem, which was I didn’t have the grip section. She then created an order for the missing piece. Service doesn’t get any more responsive than that. This is an outstanding example of why I am such a fan of your company.”

Following this appreciation, Brian Goulet wrote to us saying “So, if this is the response to OUR VERY FIRST VIDEO, I am absolutely thrilled at the potential that your app has for us. We’re all very excited to utilize it more and more over the holiday season and I hope that this email serves to motivate you and your team. Thank you for everything.”

At Hippo Video, we are happy that we are helping Goulet Pens serve their customers better and in turn, their customers are seeing the real value.

Wondering how Hippo Video works? Here is a quick video that explains everything about Hippo Video.

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Learn more about Goulet Pens here.

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