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In 1896, a 50-second silent film, shot by the Lumiere brothers was first screened, showing a train pulling up at a railway station, left the audience scurrying for life from the theatre. The inference is simple but very insightful. Motion picture helps people connect with reality and can have almost the same effect as it would in reality. That is the power of videos. 

In today’s modern world, where technology is ruling our life, it is not uncommon to feel less and less human when speaking to your prospect. But we can certainly do something about that. That is why we bring you Hippo Video inside of Outreach. You converse with your prospects as you speak to them in real-time, but inside of an email. 

Hippo Video + Outreach Integration will now allow you to increase conversion rates and speed up the sales cycle. It provides a platform that enables sales reps to create, share and track personalized video content into Outreach sequences, templates, snippets, and one-to-one emails.

By seamlessly integrating videos in your sales outreach your prospects are sure to experience highly personalized, engaging content that will humazine the entire sales process which would have otherwise be possible only within a face to face meeting.

Sales process is spontaneous. Therefore integrating sales with video to build a relationship of trust with the prospect should not leave you flustered. Tracking their interaction, qualifying them should be reasonably straightforward as well

Hippo Video allows you to use your webcam or mobile to create quickly shareable videos and help track user interaction by efficient heat map analytics, all of this as simple as ABC. 

When and How to Use Videos Strategically: 

Intent + Strategy

Every touchpoint in the sales process has its own preset goals. The goals could be as mundane as discovering a prospect to elevating a prospect’s interest by showcasing an important USP and closing the deal. 

But whatever the goal may be, there must be one! 

There could be several objectives such as :

  1. Introducing yourself to a discovered client 
  2. Qualifying/ Nurturing a prospect
  3. Scheduling a meeting/product demos 
  4. Closing a sale 
  5. Follow-up or improving brand recall

Whatever be the objective, you can stitch tailor-made videos into emails within Outreach. Each goal will function independently by having a specific video that fits this purpose. 

For example, When you are sending out a cold email, ensure you record a 30-second video introducing yourself and detailing why you are reaching out the prospect. Videos will go a long way in establishing a personal connection and trust with the recipient as against insipid text-heavy emails. 

outreach video

Enhance the user experience for the prospect who is qualified and shows interest in your product. You can save their valuable time by sending over a product demo or a product tour. It can be a walk in the park (literally) with your laptop in hand, record your screen showing what the product can do. Voila! Your product tour is ready. You can insert it into the sales sequence in Outreach. 

How to Record a Video inside of Outreach

Once integrated, Hippo Video can be accessed right inside Outreach. You can plant the videos into your Outreach sequences, templates, snippets, and one-to-one emails.

To start sending videos from Outreach, you need to:

  1. Sign-up for a Hippo Video account (if you are first time user)
  2. Install the Hippo Video Chrome Extension on your chrome browser

Post this you will have to log into Hippo Video and ensure your integration with Outreach is turned on. 
(Note: Outreach + Hippo Video function well with Chrome)

That’s it; All you have to do is hit the record button and start recording videos using your webcam.

Personalize at Scale

Videos allow one – to – one interaction with the recipient and interest the prospect. The word ‘Video inside’ on the subject line and email that has an SDR smiling and waving at a prospect can mimic a real conversation. Creating personally relevant video email and also providing informational content strikes a chord with the prospect. 

The best part of videos in Outreach is the ability it gives to dive deeper into the valuable information about your prospects that are already available with you and can make it work for you. Information such as email, purchase history or interactions of a customer can be a great source to personalize messages using videos at a granular level. 

What’s even better is the fact that you can make a hundred prospects feel the same way without sweating it out. Videos can be personalized for a single user or multiple users. Using a merge field feature, you can send customized videos or sales pages that fit each prospect’s requirement but still looking as good as individual personalization.

outreach video

Not just this, an exclusive video library stores all the videos shot and recorded. The content in the library is accessible with videos that could fulfil a potential requirement. Even when a prospect transcends to a different Sequence in Outreach, pre-recorded videos are available in the library can be readily customized and used. 

Get more productive –  

Leveraging Videos & Automation

You can now add actionable CTAs inside videos such as in-video meeting links, custom polls, annotations & lead generation forms that will prod the prospect to take the next big step. You can add CTAs along with the videos towards the end or half-way during the video. This feature is an excellent asset as prospects have a limited attention span. It is a wise idea to nudge them to take action while they are engaging with your content.


You can add videos to automated Outreach sequences which are usually a series of touchpoints (emails + other communication sequences) in a particular order, triggered when a prospect performs a specified action. 

You can place videos inside of these sequences which guarantee a human touch to an automated email when landing in the prospect’s inbox. They free up valuable time for the SDRs to focus more on selling than on personalizing every step of the interaction. All it takes is to record videos based on use cases, buyer persona and the like and stack them up in the library, which you can readily add into the sequence.

Sales Pages

Another useful feature is the freedom you have to customize your landing pages ( the moment they click on your video – they will be directed to a personalized landing page). Any element within the videos can be modified to fit the requirement of your prospect. Who wouldn’t like a banner colour that matches their brand persona, their logo nestled inside the video or a friendly emoticon when being cheered for their recent business achievement?

Video sales pages can be a great place where you share appropriate and targeted content with your prospect. Depending on the stage they are in your sales funnel, you may choose to include customer testimonials, frequently asked questions, product feature highlights additionally, like a carousel below your main video content. This additional information will guide the prospects to the next step without leaving them in the lurch. 

Oh did I forget to mention that you can also customize your video sharing page by customizing thumbnails? Yes, indeed!

You have the option to choose from a few seconds preview of your recording, a still image of your video or an entirely new thumbnail image — another lucky charm to elicit a quicker response from your prospects.

Video Analytics – 

Prioritize your follow-ups and focus on prospects showing interest

You can now track prospects’ behaviour and prioritize your follow-ups based on real-time video data like views and watch interaction percentage. It would be extremely helpful in qualifying prospects which could otherwise be very superficial based on simple email open, response and bounce rate. 

outreach video

Comprehensive analytics tracker shows you the heat map, precisely capturing user activity/inactivity and drop off rate while watching the video. There are Instant notifications when someone opens or views a video email. It is highly beneficial when you would like to follow-up with prospects who need more inputs from your side to make a purchase decision. 

When a prospect drops off the video at a certain point, its perhaps time rework on your message or focus on a different pain point. This feature is an added layer on top of your existing metrics and will help you prioritize the prospect who is at the bottom of the sales funnel.


Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to business! Videos are the greatest asset in an email and certainly making sure you understand and explore all the features when integrated into a platform like Outreach will help you leverage the untapped territories of the sales process. The dynamic nature of video can help in hyper-personalization and humanizing the communication with the prospect will certainly amplify your sales and marketing efforts. 

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A content strategist at Hippo Video and a communication specialist who is passionate about building content and business network.
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