How can Salespeople use Videos to Engage Prospects Better?

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Despite the fact that videos are taking over the business world, its adoption in sales is low compared to other areas. Sales teams should start integrating videos into their campaigns if they want to close deals successfully.

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There are “n” number of reasons why you should start using videos in your sales process. A video clearly lets you stand out from your competitors in the initial prospecting efforts, as they are more compelling and engaging than simple, plain text. When both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. With videos, your message is more direct and clear.

Did you know that including the word “video” in a sales email subject line increases open rates by 7-13%? Not only that but video email also have a good response rate.

A Recent study says that around 50% of the respondents noticed improved click-through rates when using video emails.

Talking about video emails, inserting personalized videos (along with a written message) lets you connect with your audience and helps in converting your leads. check here for video email best practices and tips

A company used personalized videos in a campaign and found that five times more people opened personalized video emails than a standard, impersonal email.

Now that you know the importance of using videos in sales, let us see how you can use videos to engage and convert your prospects.

Attract your prospects with videos

The top-funnel videos should aim at capturing your prospect’s interest. You can add personalized thumbnails of your prospect’s brand logo to grab attention. You can also involve the lead in the conversation with interactive call-to-actions (CTAs) and make the video engaging.

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Video Personalisation

Videos offer an opportunity to create a more personal connection with your leads.

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You can simply start with general, personal introductions as well as a brief introduction of your company or brand overview. With personalized videos, you can move your prospects through the sales pipeline more quickly and efficiently. Personalized videos also allow you to provide more focused and engaging content for your prospect to watch.

You can also use videos to introduce your team and connect with your leads on an emotional level and build trust. One of the best ways to attract a lead is to send across a video related to a new product/feature launch. You could also send video highlights from a recent, exciting company event.  


Attract more customers with engaging follow-ups

As a Sales agent, reaching out to your prospects and getting a response is the crucial part. Videos are the only way to get the message delivered the right and easy way.

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Broadcasting information through a video saves a lot of time and is easy to understand for your audience. Nothing sells your product like a video! Videos make decision making a piece of cake for your prospects.

Sending video follow-ups is a great idea to attract your prospect’s attention. Video follow-ups also let your prospects know your interest in getting them associated with your brand.

By sending video follow-ups you can track leads more effectively as they progress through the funnel. You can gain analytics for the video and analyze the prospect’s interest by looking at the open rate, watch rate, etc. Based on the video analytics you can create the next set of follow-ups.

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Another idea to make your email stand out is to put a GIF in your email.

Drive your sales process with testimonials and Win more deals  

There’s nothing more impressive than a great customer testimonial video from your patrons. A testimonial is a type of social proof that convinces your prospects to build trust in your company.

“About 85 percent of consumers said that they read up to 10 reviews before deciding upon trusting a business.”

You can create and share customer testimonials with your prospects, build trust, and keep your prospects engaged. To get this done, you can simply share a link with your customer and get the testimonial recorded. As simple as that!

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With Hippo Video for Gmail, you can easily record and send video emails. Hippo Video also lets you send previously recorded videos to your recipients. The best part about creating videos with Hippo Video is that you can keep track of your emails without leaving your Gmail account.

A good video doesn’t end with just video creation. Editing plays a significant role in ramping up your video. With Hippo Video, you can edit your videos to perfection.

Now that you have learned all the tips and tricks on how you can incorporate videos into your sales process; Get started right away and close more deals with Hippo Video!

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