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Videos have become ubiquitous and it is no surprise that businesses have embraced its advantages to market and sell their products. Being the most versatile, videos house content that is easy to digest, engaging, and also help give life to pictures. This makes them the most sought after medium in the digital space by companies and the consumers alike.

97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products. (Hubspot)

Given their advantage of easy accessibility they provide a fairly high share of ROI for the marketers. They are considered dynamic and can be used for product tours, interviewing guest influencers, product reviews, inside emails, or even for live streaming. 

And there is this one component that multiplies the veracity of the videos, which is ‘personalization’. A survey from the campaign monitor states that some brands have recorded an 8x improvement on click-through rates with personalized video versus standard outbound email campaigns. 

In order to leverage this power of videos, Hippo Video has launched a bevvy of new personalization features that can enhance user experience inside of emails, webpages, mobile apps, and even on third-party websites. This is more of a guide to help you send successful personalized video campaigns. 

The following infographic is an effort to showcase how Hippo Video can help you personalize your videos across different channels and help businesses reap the benefits of customer satisfaction, experience, and brand equity. 

personalized video

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Personalize all the way with videos!

personalized video

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