Why It’s Important To Attend FETC 2018 If You’re An Educator

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January 2018 reminds us of only one thing.


What else can be a good beginning of the year? It has so many sessions, workshops and conversations to have.

FETC is one of the largest education technology conference in the US. It’s full of learning opportunities for educators, and schools. Attendees join FETC with varied experiences, challenges, and goals for the future of Education Technology.

What can you expect at FETC 2018?

  • Find Latest Edtech Tools and Technologies

FETC hosts more than 400 leading Edtech solution providers year after year. It is the right place to try out innovative Edtech tools, take part in live demos and see which fits your education requirement to engage students at the school.

  • Listen To Technology Leaders And Speakers

FETC is a Ted Event for educators. They provide different workshops and sessions. These are great learning opportunities to explore the most relevant insights into the future of Edtech. List of Speakers for FETC 2018.

  • Chat With EdTech Solution Providers At Expo Hall

Look for Edtech vendors that precisely match your classroom requirement. Ask questions about the benefits of integrating tools into your specific classroom context. Share your struggles and look for help with tools you are already using. Every Edtech solution provider designs their product keeping you in mind. You are an education expert and don’t you forget to offer feedback to the vendors about the tools showcased. Exhibitors List for FETC 2018.

Are you prepared to attend FETC 2018? Here’s a checklist to help you prepare:

Plan Your 3 Days In Advance

This year, FETC kicks off on Jan 23rd at Orlando. Go through the 3-Day Agenda for FETC 2018 in advance and mark the sessions that are important to you. Be sure you connect with fellow educators, visit the expo hall, find out about latest tools and innovations in the education industry.

Stay Active On Twitter

When compared to other social media platforms, Twitter is great for researching about FETC. Use hashtags like #FETC or #FETC2018 and look at how people are excited about FETC pre-event. A lot of them run contests, give out interesting goodies and create networking meetups for the event. Make a note of these on your calendar, register for contests or meetups prior to the event.

Stay active on Twitter. Share what you learn, connect with fellow educators, post pictures, and share your experiences with your online community.

Participate In Q&As

Going to sessions, actively listening and asking questions is a great way to participate. You might have a great insight to share along with the speaker, don’t miss out on the opportunity to speak up and share your knowledge. Asking relevant and thought-provoking questions might draw the attention of people towards you and conversations will grow during the session and beyond.

We’re looking forward to meeting you all at FETC. While you’re there, visit us at booth #2011B. Hippo Video is a browser-based video tool that takes care of the whole life-cycle of video from creating, editing, hosting, sharing to track. USPs include online video creation, editing and contextual integration with Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Docs, and D2L for education. Don’t forget to stop by our booth for live demos.


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Sanjana Murali

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