Jeffrey Gitomer’s Keynote Speech at Sales 3.0 Conference-2020

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With just a briefcase, a MacBook Pro, a prospective customer, and a well-prepared presentation, Jeffrey has earned the crown as the King of Sales. Couple that with 40 years of hand-to-hand, face-to-face, tweet-to-tweet experience and you have the criteria of what it takes to be king.

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Two words are going to define and redefine the selling process for the next 10 years. They are virtual and video. Virtual gives you the opportunity to show passion and display value, unlike text, video doesn’t just wow video wins, actually, video wins sales. So this is my formula. Virtual plus video equals victory. Keep that in mind as you’re trying to go back into or go forward into the new world. 

Now, my personal video platform is Hippo Video. If you use this URL at the bottom, it will take you to a free seven-day trial where you can practice using video at no cost because many of you are not that good at it yet.

You need to be an idea person, not a salesperson. You need to be a value provider, not a pitch provider. I don’t need your slides. I need your ideas. 

You have to be ahead of technology. That’s why I use Hippo Video. You see, Hippo video will allow you to embed a video in an email and play it without a download so, that you can explain yourself in a more compassionate way, in an emotionally transparent way. 

I’m going to give you the promise of this virtual event. I’m going to give you answers because salespeople right now need answers to immediately apply my strategies to your business and virtual and video selling process. 

But here’s a key point of understanding. People would rather do business with a virtual video value provider resource than a low price offer provider. When I get an email and say the lowest price ever, I delete it. You’re going to learn how to virtually separate yourself from the competitive herd in your industry so you can develop your own competitive advantage.

Now. There’s a formula, again, just in case you missed it, virtual plus video equals victory. 

Contrary to popular belief, we are not in the middle of a crisis of Corona. You’re in the middle of the biggest opportunity of your lifetime. The world is changing, it’s morphing into a more sophisticated world, and your gold is never coming back, never.

It’s an opportunity to learn about yourself and an opportunity to learn about how to help other people. And keep in mind, three kinds of people and leaders and salespeople are going to emerge in the new normal. Winners, watchers, and whiners, and you know exactly who they are. And my goal is to help you become and stay a winner. And you’re going to be perceived as either a leader or a lagger. Totally up to you. 

Where’s your camera? If there’s the closet door in the background, you may want to change. Your virtual and video communication skills are going to play a vital role in your customer’s decision to buy from you. They’re going to look at you, they’re going to evaluate you. They’re going to test your value and your communication skills. 

But you have to know their needs, use them based talk, use value-based messages, and use idea-driven actions. The idea is that you create for your customers. This is the critical piece of information that will boost you from being in the crowd to being a perceived value provider, which is where you need to be. 

If I don’t perceive a value in you, I’m going to go to somebody else. If I don’t perceive a difference in you, I’m going to go to somebody else or I’m just going to compare your price to somebody else’s price. Not good. 

The post-pandemic productivity and profit plan process, or simply stated, the new normal. Let me give you some definitions. What is the new normal? Social dominance is the new normal.

Think about attracting people with value. It’s not about sale, it’s about attraction and not the law of attraction, value attraction. Think about the outcome, not sale, think help, not a sales pitch, think, serve, not sell, think customer first. And think about relationships, not cold calls, think video, not text. 

We are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Subscribe to our channel for your daily dose of quality learnings and insights into the world of sales and marketing.

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