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xmas video greetings

Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of the year where you get all festive and everything around you is merry and bright. This holiday season, it’s time to rejoice and bask in the festive fervour.  Along with food, fun and laughter, it is easy to be lost in a whirlwind of parties, setting up the Christmas tree, finding gifts for friends and family etc.. As quickly as the holidays appear, they tend to vanish in a jiffy etching the memories that will last a lifetime. We wish dear ones far away by sending them greeting cards which carry heartfelt wishes and spread joy. This tradition still continues but we are looking at adding a zing to these wishes.

Did you know that greeting cards hold significance? 

The idea of sending Christmas cards was coined by Sir Henry Cole in the United Kingdoms in 1843. He was a senior government official who helped set up the ‘Post Office’ (then called as Public Record Office) and wondered if it could be used more by ordinary people. Sending posts was a luxury back then that ordinary people refrained themselves from sending posts.  Along with his friend he designed a Christmas Card for 1 shilling. As printing methods improved, Christmas cards were setting the holiday trends. People used it to send joy and happiness to loved ones. 

What’s Changing?

Christmas cards now have evolved dramatically. A whopping of 1.6 billion cards are sent in the present day. It’s customized, personalized and extravagant to the choices of the sender. While few hold dear to this annual ritual many others see this as time-consuming and redundant with social media buzzing with updates of the festivities. On the other hand pinging and buzzing digital gadgets that bring messages seem less earnest and lack the personal touch. How to reconcile this difference and stand out of the mailbox? Gotcha!

If you have been following the tradition of sending seasonal greeting cards, hold it for you can do it for free with Hippo Video.

Greeting cards are a great way to send love but have you tried videos? Send personalized wishes to anyone and everyone now with Hippo Video. Fret not for it’s neither rocket science nor exorbitant. Save all that money spent on postcards with videos. Seasonal greetings to business folks or loved ones, do it the video way. Save a tree and stay in the inbox forever for free. 

How does it work?

As easy as a lemon. We have got a stock video for you if you do not want to create one and placed a form right next to it. Fill in the sender and receiver fields to surprise your friends and family or business folks with the Holiday magic. Hippo Video personalizes your video and reaches the receiver’s inbox as a personalized warm greeting. Alternatively, you could record a video by pressing the “Record your own video” button. Gather around as an organization or family wearing those pretty sweaters and shoot a video. Leave the personalization to us and we’ll take care of it. 

xmas video greetings

 But I know that my card reached them, how do I know if my video did? Your card might have missed the timing but your video wouldn’t. Sign up to Hippo Video for free to know who watched your video.

Our intelligent viewer analytics lets you know if Aunt Linda or Chandler Bing from the other office watched your video. Lovely and easy isn’t it? Try it now!

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