How to Maximize LinkedIn for Enterprise Sales Strategy

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Hippo Video partnered with Neal Schaffer for a webinar on, ‘How to Maximize LinkedIn for Enterprise Sales Strategy’ on August 22, 2019 (12 PM, EST).

Key Discussion Points in the Webinar: LinkedIn Enterprise Sales Strategy

  • The Basics on LinkedIn Account Prospecting
  • The Power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Help Accelerate Your Social Selling
  • Use Videos in LinkedIn to Deliver Better Experience


Question: What’s the best way to make LinkedIn mail work? 

N.S: I will say that first of all; not everyone on LinkedIn logs in every day, not everyone on LinkedIn has their messages set up so that they receive notifications from them. So, what you’re gonna find in doing prospecting is; not only do you need to find people on LinkedIn, you need to find active people on LinkedIn.

Question: Is LinkedIn my only way online to work on my personal brand?

N.S: Obviously, there are other ways that you can use social media, there’s blogging, there’s YouTube, there’s Instagram, there’s Twitter, there’s Facebook. If you’re looking for businesses and business people, LinkedIn is gonna be I believe the best place where you can be most effective.

Question: What is the best time to contact the prospect after they connect? What should be the frequency at which I should be following that? 

N.S: The big mistake that a lot of salespeople make is you finally connect with your prospect and then within 24 hours you’re selling to them. That is the number 1 reason why people not only disconnect from you but they will actually block you on LinkedIn and you will never be able to access their profile again. So, I want to make sure you realize just because they accept your connection requests, does it mean they’re ready to do business with you. In sales, we say it takes between 7 and 10 touches in order to convert them; you have to remember that, I don’t want you to contact them immediately, I want you to engage with them online as often as possible.

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Sanjana Murali

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