Personalization in sales outreach and prospecting

Amy Franko is a top sales leader and the founder of Impact Instruction Group. She has built a successful B2B career in sales with tech giants like Lenovo and IBM and after that she launched an entrepreneurial career with the training company, The impact Instruction Group. She has been named as LinkedIn 2019 Top Sales Voice, her book The Modern Seller is an Amazon bestseller and The Modern Seller is named as top sales book and highly recommended read by selling power.

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Question: What do you think is the difference between cold emails that work and that doesn’t?

Amy: I have sent my fair share of cold emails and my definition of cold is that I don’t have a connection to this person of any kind. I don’t have a network connection. I’m looking for a network connection first or some type of introduction that that’s always part of my own outreach process. 

Question: Why do you think personalization works in sales outreach and what’s your take on this? 

Amy: When we talk about why personalization works, it’s kind of in the word. It’s person-to-person communication. It’s taken the time to, it’s not just customizing the person’s name, it’s customizing the message and showing that you have put some work into it. 

Question: What do you think about the misconceptions that people have about personalization? 

Amy: When we talk about the misconceptions of personalization. One of them I think is that personalization can be mass-produced. Yeah, I don’t personally think that personalization can be mass-produced. I think the other thing is that if this idea of quantity over quality, think in prospecting, there is certainly a bit of a numbers game to it. 

Question: What are the challenges you faced when you started working remotely?

Amy:  When I think about some of the challenges of remote working that I’ve had to overcome at first I would say that it’s the challenge of productivity. It’s the challenge of maintaining relationships with your leaders with your teams etc.

We are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Subscribe to our channel for your daily dose of quality learnings and insights into the world of sales and marketing.
Sanjana Murali

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