Top 10 Effective Ways to Promote a Video Production Company

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The world was a very different place twenty years ago. Businesses used radio and television channels to promote their brand/products. As we moved forward, the trend has shifted from leaflets to television to online platforms making everything digital.

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Considering how advertising has evolved, businesses started using videos as their favorite medium of choice for marketing. This gave rise to the emergence of video production companies, which have been helping brands connect with their audience through videos.

Speaking of which, having your own video production company is one crazy ride – it takes gumption

Starting from creating a storyboard, shooting, adding desired inputs (voice-over, music, and webcam), and editing the clips from scratch to delivering amazing videos. It is quite a bumpy journey that needs constant talent and creativity. (Oh wait, did I miss patience? Well, that’s the key to creating outstanding videos.)

In a video production company, you will surely enjoy crafting videos for other businesses. At the same time, you need a few solid ways to promote your value proposition. Providing who, why, and what your company does, takes you to your ideal audience.

Looking for ways to promote your Video Production Company?

Good – you should be. Because without promoting, there is no way people will know that you even exist.

In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the things I’ve learned, as a marketer, while working for a video personalization and distribution platform.

1. Invest in a delightful website

This is a cakewalk. If you have an eye-catchy website in your hands, leads keep coming and falling from the sky. Make sure your site is user-friendly and visually pleasing (Of course, visuals are a must, we are a video company!). Don’t display everything you offer on your website, yet make it look simple and adequate as much as possible.

Check out the image below for inspiration.

2. Build a perfect portfolio

Your clients/customers believe in what they see. So, the best possible way to gain their trust is through a classic portfolio. Get your creative hat on and start developing your own portfolio.

Point to remember: Don’t forget to add your unique style to your portfolio. Your style is the key that’ll differentiate your company from others.

3. Enhance your work (Constantly!)

Never give your customers a chance to have second thoughts about you. Improve your company’s productivity constantly. Keep surprising your customers with your new templates, updates, and offers. So that your customers will be busy exploring your service only.

4. Make use of Hosting Platforms  

Share your amazing work on different platforms. This will help you to promote your business and spread awareness. Also, when your videos are noticed on other platforms, you make it easier for people to find you.

Here are a few best hosting platforms narrowed down for you:


As the second-largest search engine on the web, YouTube gives you tools to market and engage with your prospects. YouTube is a community where people can subscribe to your channel and receive updates whenever you post a video.

Uploading videos to YouTube is free. Since the uploads are open to everyone, there is a chance your videos can be ripped and stolen. While bandwidth and file size is unlimited on YouTube, videos must be shorter than 15 minutes unless you become a partner. Besides, you’ll also get basic analytics and editing functionality, social sharing, and live streaming.

Plans: There are no premium plans, free hosting for video creators and for viewers to watch.

Hippo Video

An innovative personalized video distribution platform to host your videos. If you want to embed an ad-free video on any website, web page, or article, then Hippo Video is what you need.

With Hippo Video, you can customize your brand, where you can set compelling thumbnails, add a logo, brand name, and intro/outro screens to your video. Create personalized video landing pages, 1:1 personal video, and mass personalized videos to connect with your viewers and grab their attention instantly. The video platform provides both quick and advanced video editing features making it an excellent fit for anyone. 

Also, Hippo Video is great for SEO because you can include keywords, subtitles, video descriptions, and video titles. It has a rich set of features that help any sales and marketing professional to get the most out of their videos.

You can engage your viewers by adding timeline actions to your videos (Such as annotations, call-to-action (CTAs), lead generation forms, etc.) And, guess what! Once you get your lead’s information, you can set an email campaign using Hippo Video. You can also collect your customer testimonials by sending a customized video recording link.

Also, you can share and export your videos to social networks right from Hippo Video. If security is a concern, you can protect your videos by making them private or set a password. Hippo Video even helps you track how individual users interact with your content within the platform.

Plans: Plans start at $29/month.


Videos are ad-free by default, with no limits on bandwidth, file size or duration (as long as it’s within your plan’s monthly limit). To get the most out of Vimeo, you must invest in a paid account. However, none of their packages include unlimited video uploads. So if you don’t want file size limits, Vimeo is not for you.

If you’re looking for business video hosting, you need to pay for a Vimeo Pro account ($199/year). Paid membership entitles you to customize and brand your own video player, powerful analytics, and more.

Plans: Premium Vimeo plans range from $7-$75 a month.


Brightcove has customizable video hosting options, offering monetization and advertising, live event streaming, lead generation tools, and branding features. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial, so that you can test the features you’re interested in. This tool is not suitable for beginners and it is more robust than what most small businesses will need.

Plans: Plans start at $199/month.

Sprout Video

Unlike other video hosting sites, Sprout Video offers only a free trial and doesn’t contain any free plans. Features include analytics, sharing, multiple video themes and layouts, privacy settings, lead capture, and calls to action.

Plans: Paid plans start at $25/month for 150 GB bandwidth, 100 GB storage, $1/GB overages, includes most features and unrestricted file sizes (up to your plan’s limit).


Wistia is an internet video hosting and analytics company. You can get started with Wistia for free (allowing up to 3 videos). With Wistia, you can protect your videos with a password and add call-to-action links, lead generation forms within the tool. Wistia also includes heat maps and video engagement metrics. Also, the free accounts are stamped with Wistia’s branding.

Plans: Free account allows to host up to 3 videos. While $99/month for 10 videos. To unlock advanced features, you have to contact their sales team to receive a price quote.

5. Publish content

Promoting your content is another way to attract clients to your video company. With dozens of companies available in the market, everyone claims to be the best! So, to make sure you stand out from the crowd, let the word get out. Have your own blog. Promote your brochures, articles, white papers, PR’s, etc.

6. Be active on social media

Does your business stay active on social media?

According to SmallBizTrends, “More than 1 in 3 Internet users say they go to social networks when looking for more information about a brand or product.”

It has become a part of everyone’s routine to check in on our social profiles more than once a day. We rely on social media way too much and we end up searching there to find a piece of information.

So, stay up-to-date by posting your daily happenings, announcements, statistics, and short video clips to spread awareness and promote your business.

7. Boost your SEO

Where do you rank in web search results?

Search engines look at pages and sites which have above 200 words. But a video production site usually is more visual-driven. So, along with the videos and images, insert balanced text content also on your site. Search for your target’s keywords and add them (along with the meta tags and description) to enhance the probability of ranking top.

And, not to forget, you can optimize your videos for SEO by adding desired video titles, descriptions, subtitles, and tags.

Learn how to make your videos rank on the first page of the google here 

8. Strategic Email Campaigns

Try to find businesses, websites, and other social media platforms which don’t contain that many videos. Your potential clients are the ones who lack visual content on their platforms. If you find one, don’t wait. Pop them a mail, briefing the importance of using videos on their platform.

To make your email more effective, embed a video and insert stats that support the importance of using videos.

9. Power of WOM Marketing

Nothing speaks like a satisfied customer. You must remember that your customer’s trust always boosts your sales. If your customer has gotten a good experience, they will definitely suggest your services to another, and that person in turn to someone else. WOM works like a chain that’ll take your business further where your customers become your marketers. When a customer has good things to say about you, get his testimonial, and place it on your website.

Additionally, this is what you can do –

  1. Refer and earn: Ask your customers to refer their friends to use your service and earn rewards.
  2. Request for a testimonial: Share a personalized link with your customer’s to record a video testimonial.

10. Strengthen your Branding

It is essential to have a brand logo with catchy words to represent yourself. When you represent yourself with a proper brand name and logo, it builds customer trust.

So, add a logo and brand name to your videos to improve recognition and add value to your company.

Wrapping up

Are you ready to get into action? It’s simple, use the above ten secret weapons to take your video production business to the next level. I did my part. Now it’s your turn.

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