Announcement: Record Class Lectures In All-New Ways With Hippo Video

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Wonders happen when you record class lectures with Hippo Video. You can discover unique opportunities for teaching at every level. Learning becomes deeply engaging through the power of videos. Assignments can be interactive, sketched or performed.

Teach in ways you have always dreamt of

Usage of videos in education has been gaining more traction among schools. Many educational institutions have already started adopting it. A lot of teachers and students record educational videos, record class lectures, webcam or audio.

A quick look at what you can do with Hippo Video:

Rapid Video Creation

Record your classroom rapidly or create a digital whiteboard presentation through webcam or screen record an entire web browser, also including the audio option. You could boost the engagement rate and save hours of repetitive teaching by allowing students to play-back or fast-forward videos.

Interactive Learning

Students can record themselves giving a presentation, speech or explaining tricky concepts. Help Students use the webcam to record their face as they present and overcome the anxiety of public speaking in the long run. Teachers can use Google Slides to present and record it as a video presentation. It can be re-recorded if necessary.

Mitigate Cheating

Students can submit video assignments and presentations. You can also give personal feedback on students work through videos.

Share it in seconds

Save and share to your Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo or Google Classroom. Export videos to other video libraries such as Youtube, Khan’s academy to empower the students with more knowledge.

Visuals speak louder than words

Look at 5-year-olds today, they can play video games on mobile, record videos or take pictures on their own, watch rhymes on YouTube and so much more. These kids are going back in time (to the start of human evolution) with the advent of technology. Ironic as it sounds.

If we could catch their attention from their most preferred (visual) medium and engage them through that, learning would be much simpler. Children would then be able to expand on that knowledge as they do with social media and online games.

Research estimates 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, & they’re processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. This indicates visual education aids like video can improve learning styles & increase the rate at which we retain information. Is your teaching stimulating visual cortex in the brain? Give it a thought.

Record Class Lectures. Be a part of next-gen education

Videos in education is a huge step forward for providing tailored videos to students. It’s time to celebrate and transform the way you teach with Hippo Video. Record class lectures to be a part of next-gen education.

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