The one technology that you need to create a flipped classroom

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Flipped Classroom

Lately, have you been hearing the term “ Flipped Classroom ”? But what exactly is it? Well, The idea is very simple.

The Origin

In 2004, Bergman and Sams, pioneers of flipped class movement came up with the idea of recording classes using technology. They had students who would regularly miss classes. As a result, they saw a need for something that would help students not miss out on lessons.

The implementation of flipped classroom started there and it still is one of the trendiest topics in the education industry.

Recently, a survey was conducted comparing the performance of students using a “flipped classroom” to students who took the traditional course.  Students in the flipped classroom scored higher on a standardized test.

Creating videos to flip a classroom is not as hard as you think. The core of a successful flipped classroom is watchable, functional video. You need the right tool to make things easy for you. We at Hippo Video strive to deliver a screen recording tool that will satisfy all your video requirements.

Hippo Video allows you to record videos easily, be it classroom lectures or digital whiteboard presentations. You can also add interactive elements like text, emojis to your video. Also, you are more likely to enjoy Hippo Video if you use Google Slides and Google Classroom because we have integrations with the same.

The returns from flipped learning are significant. Teachers can save hours of time and student engagement is likely to rise to a greater extent. It is a great way of engaging students and enhancing interest. A richer culture of collaboration will come forth among students who learn to work together. The world is no more about competition, it’s about collaboration and cooperation.

What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and start creating videos with Hippo Video

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