The Power of Videos Inside “Freshworks – The Ultimate Customer Engagement Suite”

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Hippo Video Now Integrates With Freshworks Suite

Before we go ahead with the blog, this is a small announcement that Hippo Video is attending Refresh’19 and will be present at booth no 6. Do drop by and say Hi if you are there! We would love to show you all the wonders that you can do with Hippo Video.

 Now back to the topic. Customer engagement has become a huge concern for every business. Customer engagement is something that can be improved in every opportunity to interact with customers and build a relationship with them.

Recent research says that “A fully-engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average.”

With the term “customer engagement” defining the success of any business, it is very important to create a customer engagement model for your company.

Now, how about you create a customer engagement model with video as a part of it? You can now seamlessly make videos a part of your customer engagement suite with Hippo Video.

Here is why you should integrate your Freshworks Suite with Hippo Video and start creating videos for customer engagement.


When a customer reaches out to a customer service agent, they want to receive a resolution to their problem ASAP. The sooner, the better!

And every agent’s goal is to decrease resolution time by explaining the solution easily. They don’t prefer endless email threads which are time-consuming. And this is where videos comes into the picture.

With Hippo Video you can resolve customer issues using videos. You can create short resolution videos to resolve issues in a jiffy.

You can also share a link with your customers and let them record issues through videos. Whenever the customers record the issues, the recorded issues come directly into the support agent’s account.

Hippo Video also lets you create tutorials and post them on your knowledge base. This way, you can enable your customers to resolve issues themselves with videos. Your customers can easily understand solutions with videos.


Hippo Video allows you to easily turn your website visitors into happy and engaged customers by effectively communicating using videos.

Videos help in communicating better. Prospects are able to understand better watching these videos.

You can respond to your customers with videos and put a face to your company and give them a personalized experience every time they visit your website.

Also, quickly respond to your visitors with short how-to videos to increase chat-to-conversion rates and reply rates.


With videos taking over all forms of communication, companies are going beyond the standard process to resolve user issues.

Hippo Video allows both the agents and employees to share videos of their screen for faster resolution times. You can simply share a guest link with your employees and get the issues recorded.

Create short resolution videos of FAQ’s and add them to your knowledge base to reduce ticket volumes. This way your employees can solve issues themselves in less time.


Getting the leads attention and booking a meeting with them can be crucial tasks for sales teams. The easiest way to grab their attention is through videos!

Hippo Video allows you to engage with your leads by recording and sending prospecting videos right from your Freshsales account. Video emails increase open rates and click-through rates.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can easily track your video emails with Hippo Video’s real-time notifications and schedule follow-up emails depending on the video behavior.

By sending timely follow-ups to your leads you are more likely to receive instant responses. You can also add interactive CTA’s in your videos, book meetings and close deals at the click of a button.


Now that you know how to build the best customer engagement model for your business, what are you still waiting for? Get on Board to Experience The Power of Videos Inside The Freshworks Suite

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