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Jeffrey Gitomer is an American author, professional speaker, and business trainer, who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development. He had recently partnered with Hippo Video for online sales coaching.

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Good morning, everybody. I am live and the first person to greet us this morning is from the amazing country of France where wine tastes like wine where people are unbelievably cultured and Anthony, Good morning. It’s going to be a big show this morning. We’re going to be talking about video and why it’s good. We have a special guest. And I’m Jeffrey Gitomer. I am the author of The Little Red Book of Selling, best-selling sales books of all time. I love this, but you have no idea how much I love this book. This book has sold millions of copies worldwide and it has given me an ability to reach salespeople from every corner of the world. 

We have a bunch of people joining us, but I want to talk to you about what’s happening right now in your sales world because what’s happening is a change and you know it and we’re going to emerge from this pandemic into a new way of selling. I’m calling it The New Normal and you know, there’s a course called The New Normal. Yes, you can still buy it. But more important than that video is going to play a major role in how we emerge. And, look at what you’ve done with video over the course of the last month. 

You’re on every kind of video on the planet and this morning, we have an amazing guest who’s going to join me and talk about what video can mean to you. I am part of the launch of Hippo Video and it’s Hippo Video (dot) io. I’m going to put it right here in the notes. Hippo Video, boom. If to make sure it’s right and I’m going to introduce you right now to Karthi Mariappan and Mariappan is a world-class expert at putting video into your email. Now think about that. If you are able to attach a short video to your proposal, to your introduction, whoa, think of how personal that is. Think of how emotional that is and that’s what we’re going to talk about this morning. Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me welcome the great Karthi. Karthi Mariappan. How are you? 


Yeah, I’m good. Thanks, Jeffrey for having me here. 


It’s my pleasure and Karthi is in India right now. I want you to think about this technology right now. Karthi is in India, he’s ten thousand five hundred and fifty-eight miles away. I didn’t actually do the math, but over 10,000 I’ll say that. And, when he comes to America where he had been to our office a couple of times, he flies all day and all night. Literally all day and all night to get here. Karthi, say hello to the audience, introduce yourself, and tell us how you became interested in video. 


Hi, everyone. This is Karthi, CEO, and co-founder of Hippo Video. This journey of the video has been so excited for us. We have been in this industry for the last four years now. And, we have built a world-class product to help salespeople atop videos and better with your prospects, with your contracts and even with your clients. 

So how did we get into video? So we do is a very very interesting medium. It inherently captures the engagement better. So to give an example. It’s no more just open of emails is considers as intent. Now you have a better medium to understand the intent of the prospect when they actually play the video. When they actually play it multiple times and when they actually share it with their colleagues and say ‘Hey! This is an interesting product or service that has reached us.’

The intent level has gone up high with videos and that’s why we took it as an important medium for an important person in any business or salespeople.


Now understand this you guys if you decide that you want and you can subscribe to their 7 days free trial at HippoVideo(dot)io. So you can test it out and see if it’s good for yourself. 

But more important when you make this video when you upload it, you may not like it. You may look like crap and so you can record it as many times as you like until you find one that’s good for you at number one, but the miracle of this program is the customer doesn’t have to download the video. They simply click and play. And then you put your GIF in, it can either be still or have motion. I like mine with motion, but that’s just me. 

This is a hunk of software that I view as a complete Game Changer in sales. Because it will allow you to show your emotion. And, Karthi tell me what’s been the acceptance of this stuff to this point in time. 


Yeah, so it has ended quite good even before we COVID and now it has gone up. I would say it was sort of a trend earlier and now I would say it has become an essential skill that people create videos for two bigger reasons. So sales are all about relationships that we know very much better. And how do you build a relationship is being real and authentic.

To care, to take your words. So it’s real and authentic and emote well and empathize. All these can be captured well in videos. People have adopted in a very very great way now especially and we have seen a greater object which are products of being integrated into familiar platform CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Freshsales, Zoho CRMs. 


And I can usually my Gmail?


Yes. Yes. 


I can use it in my Outlook.




So I can use it anywhere. 


Yeah. Now the idea here is with just a click of a button the video appears. You can talk, share your screen, offer the service that you’re offering, edit to or trim it or whatever you want to do to make it like a nice presentation and boom you can send it in an email immediately or within Gmail or within the Outlook or within your CRM. 


It’s not just an amazing program and one of the reasons that Karthi and I are talking is that I have made more than 50 videos that Hippo is going to put into the subscription so that you as a salesperson can learn how to shoot a video, how to make it sales-oriented and literally sometimes what to say I’ve created scripts for you so that anybody, whether it’s a cold caller, or a follow-up or a proposal or a relationship builder and we’re going to continue to add to these to subscriptions so that you as a salesperson can send us an email saying ‘Hey, can you put that in?’. Hell yeah! I can put that in.

And your job is to get interactive with this program because we want to help millions of salespeople around the world get better. And I’m telling you you better get there before your competitor does or you are going to look like you have been behind the eight balls. 

And right now you’re home and you’re doing pretty much nothing. So turn off your TV, turn off Netflix and start practicing sales videos and send them to your Uncle Fred or your Aunt Nellie and take practice it out like ‘Hey, I just made this video. What do you think.’ And, they come back and say you look pretty crappy. But at least they’re giving you some feedback you can actually. 

Listen, when you play your own video back. It’s the best self-coaching on the planet. Karthi, how long did it take you to get good at making videos? 


Yeah. So before I add to that, let us take it from the best person in the world who has been with the videos for 20 years. So we have seen our customers actually seeing like how do I create videos the first shot. It doesn’t happen that way. You may take like three or four takes, you got to give it to that.  

So that was one important learning that anyone has to take away that you are not going to be perfect in the first 4 or 5 takes. Now that alone does not help. So then we understood. You need to have some presentable templates. So we build what we call it as personalized landing pages and to top it up we had our best coach the video coach in the world helping you right from within Hippo Video on how to create video and what to say when to say, and how to say. That’s Jeffrey Gitomer for us. 

These are the three things we have taken care of so that you could create professional videos and stand out in the crowd of text emails. Because text emails are dead. 

You have to move to videos. The whole world has started consuming videos like never ever before. 


And keep in mind when you watch me do these videos I was in our studio for the most part. There are camera trailers. There are all kinds of things to make it look very very nice and professional. You can use your iPhone. You can use your laptop. You can use any device that you have because everything is in 4k now and you’re going to look great. You’re also going to know what to say because inherently it’s in your soul, you may just have to practice it several sometimes. You may have to put yourself in front of that camera and hate it like I hated mine. Literally for a long time. Now I love it because I’m comfortable with it because I know my product I know what I want to say, I have I’ve been doing it for 20 years. 

If this is your first time give it 10 times give it 20 times but understand it is a new way and you’re going to have to become proficient in it by doing it, doing it, doing it again. Proficiency leads to mastery! 

And, you won’t like it at first then you’re going to kind of like it. Then you’re going to really like it. Then you’re going to love it. So have patience with the program. Don’t say I can’t do this because your competitors saying exactly the same thing and hopefully they will quit. And that will allow you to emerge as a winner. That’s the whole deal. 

And Karthi, I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of crazy videos. We’re going to have some contests I can tell you that. We’re going to have the best video, the funniest video, and the dumbest video you know, the one where you tell your boss you quit video, that’s going to be a good one. 

But you have to look at this as an opportunity. It is not a challenge. It’s an opportunity and you better be taken advantage of it. Because now is the time the country started to open up. The world is starting to open up. I show a picture of the other day of an airplane with everyone on it full wearing masks. Five days ago. There were five people in the plane wearing masks all the sudden man they’re going to hell with it. I’m getting out there. I’m going to go do some business and you better be the leader or be perceived as the leader.

Karthi, how long did it take to perfect the software? 


Perfection is two parts. One – Understanding the tool, how to create videos, create the personalized landing page, personalize the video, and send it. That will take an hour or so. But the important part is being real and authentic. Getting comfortable, as you rightly said, with the camera, with you being on it. So you pick a couple of times or even four or five takes and so but once you get comfortable with it, it’s like easy.

You just click, record, send it. Click, record, and send it. And, you understand how people are going to view it. You get those notifications and all is set correctly. 


Just think about the cold call that you make where people hang up on you because they’re quite not interested. What it means is you’re not interesting. But if you have a little video with an email and you say ‘Hey, I know you’re probably in the middle of a hundred things or a thousand things. I just wanted to say hello. And if you’d like to get together for a virtual cup of coffee, just click this button.’ 

I mean think of how easy it is to connect with people now and how much fun it is. Cold calling is no fun. But Hippo Video is a ton of fun. And, I’m having fun with it, all of our people are having fun with it, my friends are having fun with it. 

Everyone who’s there, hundreds of people on this on this call right now, by the end of the thousands of people on the call watching from a distance not wanting to jump in the middle of it, but I’m telling you, this is your opportunity to play. And, to play very very intelligently, very hard and strategically to have a competitive advantage. A creative competitive advantage over the people that you don’t like. I mean, this is your time to emerge dudes. Just go! And even dudettes. 

You’ll look good. You’ll sound good. You’ll feel good. I’m just on my Mac. What are you using, Karthi? 


Yeah, a Mac, 


Everyone’s up with Mac. Unless your company gives you a computer then they don’t give you a Mac. They’re cheap bastards and they are ready to give you some Lenovo or something. But look how good this is. I’m just shooting from the Mac. I don’t have any camera, I’ve nothing. This is 4K, from my Mac, out into the world, using computer audio. I’m not even using a microphone. And look how good it is. Not how good I look but how good the video looks. 

I have a nice background. I’m going to share with you lessons on how to have the right background because some people I talk to you haven’t made their bed yet. Because they are home, in their apartment and they look foolish. So I’m going to share with you how to use a program a thing called any rule. 

See this. This is my new background and you’ll be able to use his background not expensive at all. I’ll talk about it on another show. But the bottom line for you is there is the technology that you can use that will help you right now and video is at the forefront. Are you cool with that? 

Now, Karthi, this is one of the coolest things about this Facebook meeting in the morning or stream meeting in the morning. These people are from everywhere. There’s a guy France. There’s a guy from Brussels, Belgium. There’s a woman from Miami, Florida. I mean just think about it Syracuse, New York, Bloomfield, New York, Las Vegas, Florida. It’s unbelievable where Kansas City where people are coming from Decatur Georgia the little city, but it’s there and you’re going to see people checking in from every part of the world Japan has checked in Raleigh North Carolina has checked in Cleveland has checked in Boston has checked in Tulsa Oklahoma has checked in. Fort Mill South Carolina Morgan Georgia, and all of these people are looking to be able to get ahead. 

Now. If you’ve used Hippo, put the comment in right now that I’ve tried it, it’s working. Well, I want to see I want to talk about I hope they’ll help you inject in the great box. South Carolina, Annapolis, Maryland going to the boat show. Okay, great. I want to emerge an implement all of these strategies, but I’m on furlough until the end of the summer. I’m chomping at the bit dude. Now is your time to subscribe on your own you have your own money now, it’s not expensive this going for the basic package and go for it now is your time to practice. 

A video is a powerful tool for communication. The voice inflection, facial expressions, exactly a clear message. Dan Siegfried, way to go Dan. Sign up for my free. Rich wow Midlothian Texas is in the list Box Louisville is checked in since just get it morning from Waukesha, Wisconsin. I’ve been using it for the past month and it is great. I am recording a video to post on my LinkedIn today. Dude way to go Matt. Excellent Dan. I’ve used the Hippo. Niagara Falls respect to him this is so cool. We’ll try it one free all wow Montreal. Canada is here. Please discuss pricing. It’s inexpensive. This is a time to move forward. Don’t worry about it. It’s under a million dollars a month it’s way under that. It’s if you click on Hippo, they’ll show you the pricing structures. I don’t want to talk about money. I want to talk about value. Yeah, percent off for your followers. Don’t sew and I want to make sure that they get it. So this is there 15 % Off Coupon. 

I don’t know what you want to call it. But that’s their specifically about 15% off. Dudes, so whether you on Facebook or whether you’re on YouTube this morning, those are the two-channel for broadcasting to and by tomorrow, a Hippo Palomas very goodwill take me to from the Calgary Alberta in Canada. My mom has checked in, I love this. From Bahia Brazil. 

This is it, blows me away, Karthi. How many people from all over the world are willing to come on in the morning get a sales lesson to get pumped up a little bit and then go ahead and start their day. Yeah. Amy says go to the website all the pricing is there but if you use my coupon you get 15% off, that’s cool. 

I just signed up with one of your agents for a free demo. Okay, cool. Listen play in this field because it’s not going to go away. 

I mean Kathi is how many people are on the team and Hippo now? 


Now, around 60.


60 people are working their asses off every day to get this program better for you. And it will improve and it will improve and it will be improved. It’s unbelievable. Mark, the only way you’re going to find out if this is better is to use it and then you decide. I think that’s probably the best way to think about it and the best way to what is it.


One thing I would like to point here is there are 3 parts that you have to understand how you are going to use videos and engage your prospects. One – How do you create them? And how do you make it better? How do you deliver them? And how do you track whether it has done really well on so on the creation part, it’s a just simple click of the button create the video put it in you a personalized, customized landing page for every customer then you can have and call to action button on the video itself like your Calendly link or Google Calendar link for the book the meeting immediately then you put it in your email, right? 

Because the to either is in Gmail out clothes or any of the serums that you use then you send it across the email will have a personalized GIF number which plays inside the unit cell which makes people click on it and open now when they are open you tell notification fact that it person is very much interested in what you’re trying to say how long they have watched and based on that you can understand the intent of the person.

That’s why I said it’s no more opens of emails is consider intent. The playing of the video, how many times have we how we find section? So all of these are taking care really smoothly in Hippo. 

And, at very very very competitive pricing. And for Jeffrey’s followers, we are giving a 15% discount because we admire Jeffrey to the core. 


Thank you. But here’s the deal you guys the video has an interactive capability the customer can click on the video and book a meeting with you or make a comment to you. It’s unbelievable and you have to understand that this is a technology that exists no place else on the planet and sixty people are working their asses off every day to make it better. 

This will be if there’s going to be a competitor in the marketplace, it’s going to take them four years to catch up. And you have to look at it as just as an amazing sales opportunity. The Analogy, but where’s the 15 percent coupon you click on I just posted it up there. I’ll post it up again. Just go here and you’ll just click on that link. You’ll be fine paste it in your browser for won’t click through and just whatever you need to do. And if you still have problems email me and I will kiss your ass to make it happen. 

Tim this sounds freaking cool it is no it’s way more than that. This is sales cool because when your customer sees this they’re going to go shit. This guy’s different than everybody else. I better take a look at them. I better take it. You’re like, oh, yeah, you’re right. 


Now we are getting hundreds of text emails. So how do you stand out how we actually capture their attention how we empathize with them and being real and authentic there and emote well through videos and be allowed to depart. 


And I think that if you look at it, Karthi, from a standpoint of how am I going to emerge from this pandemic and look a little bit different than what than the same guy who’s wanting to emerge as well. This is a perfect way. You emerge with the soulful video and you’re going to see when you subscribe and you get my videos. You’re going to see how to make the video why you’re going to make the video. 

I’ve been meticulous in 50 videos that are going to launch with this and they’ll be hundreds by the time the year is out. We’re going to keep making more training videos based on your feedback because I have a studio and we have the formula down we know how to do it and I want to make sure I want to make absolutely sure that you guys are at peace with using the technology that will help you emerge as a winner at the base of this calamity in the face of this turbulence in the base of this shutdown, whatever you want to call it. 

But I’m telling you people are going to want to buy the minute is over. I mean you look at the airplanes are starting to fill up look at the restaurants. Look at people railing against governments who are trying to tell them that they can’t go back to work they’re giving you the giving government the finger and walking back into their business. And here’s the deal. Why do you think the government’s not going after them?

They have asked him to do is illegal. So you can go back to your business anytime. You want to what are they gonna do put you in jail. Look what happened to the woman from Dallas. They got her out of jail and she got 20 million dollars worth of Global PR for all you want to do is feed our kids and help her employees feed their kids and who’s got so a U.S. Senator Ted Cruz goes there and gets his first haircut. Come on what it could not have been she couldn’t have written a book better than that all because somebody tried to stop you from doing what is your American right. 

Now globally everybody has their own deal. I’m just telling you, Nikhil just comments about it. Globally. I’m telling you just give it a try. That’s all you can give it a try for free for seven days and then you can decide if you like there’s no obligation. But if you want to buy use my coupon to get the few bucks off and you’re a happy person and you’re going to feel great about yourself. 

This is what if you do 10 videos? You’ll feel more comfortable write yourself a script to put it on your laptop read it as you’re going there will be an amazing mobile app that will emerge from this as well. And when the mobile app emerges you’ll be able to scroll your script. I mean to see the technology will be unbelievable. It will be the sales tool, not a sales tool. 

You can say what you want about CRM but is its database? It’ll tell you when Bob’s birthday is but it doesn’t tell you how to close Bob. It doesn’t tell you how to make an appointment with Bob. It will tell you when you make an appointment. It will remind you but these videos are going to share with you how to make an appointment with Bob on how to close the sale with Bob. How to send a video with your proposal which by the way when Carly was here and ask me for a proposal. How do you think I sent the proposal back? 


That’s a nice story! 


With the Hippo Video. Of course! And, that was the merger. That one I told him that I understood the value of what’s going on and I’m experienced. I still identify times. I’ll admit it because I wanted to make it perfect on the window. I wanted to like the video because I know if I like that they would like it. But that’s what you can do now. 

Can you imagine sending a proposal with a little video that says ‘Hey, Mary? Hey, Bob. I just wanted to share a couple of things that are not in the proposal because when you accept me, here’s how you’re going to win. Here’s how you’re going to profit just how you’re going to produce more. You can’t put that in a proposal. No, it’s going to read it, but they’ll watch the video and then watch it every single time. 

Now, Karthi. I wish I could tell you what a pleasure it is to talk to you we become friends and you know when you can be friends with somebody 10,000 miles away, It’s a whole other friendship. When the travel ban is over, Karthi will be coming to Charlotte. We will be spending the day in the studio and we will be recording elements of a video that will help you even further. 

We have a list of things that we need to do together, and I’d like to be sitting at the same table with them rather than doing the stream yard thing. We may end up doing it depending on how long the travel ban last butt. This is going to be a great time to emerge as a salesperson you guys out there. You’re going to have an amazing ability to earn in the face of your competitor. That’s the whole deal. 

I want you to cut your price. I want you to make certain that you create value with that customer. Not only will they buy from you. They’ll tell other people who hate gets you this video. Hey, you got to see this video and that’s what’s that. I mean, you know, what’s the value of that? I’m going to give you the answer is priceless. It’s totally priceless. And once you realize it’s working, dude, you’re going to be up till midnight every day you’re going to cancel your subscription to Netflix and enhance your subscription to the hippo. It’s cheaper and better and what you get to watch instead of some stupid show. You get to watch new you get to You making a video and become an asset superstar let’s the green star of sales where I’m at. Your call Karthi. 


Yeah, so as a final note, I would like to mention three things one. I have seen people using videos and associated proposal contractors are already talked about the document, the summary part of it so that they can help the champion talk to their sales team of the decision-makers and get it done. So there are multiple use cases in which we have seen videos.

But the important part is today with the pandemic, everyone has moved to sort of giving Value First rather than selling. Selling comes later. So how do you do so you ought to actually connect with people and videos help you do that. 

Not only that you can avoid being tone-deaf or understood as a wrong tone when you actually text-only email when you send it across. People don’t get the told me did you but when you actually talk to the video people really understand you empathize, you have understood the scenario and it is not tone deaf anymore. 

So that would be the key at this specific moment that doesn’t get people wrong you – use videos. 


Yes, I agree Karthi. Think about it this way salesperson. You’re sitting in front of your Hippo Video and you click the record button and you say to the customer ‘Hey, it’s Jeffrey. I know we both been through a mess, but I’m really wanting to understand what have you been through because if you are willing to share with me some of the things that have happened and share with me what I can do to help you the most. I guarantee you two things. Number one that I will help you and number two. I will not be selling you anything. I’m here to serve you at this time.’ 

You’re going to get a response. They will it be everybody knows it’s never going to be everybody will be 8 out of 10. Oh, yeah, it’s going to be a dad. And so now is your time to show who you are as a professional and someone who cares someone who has feelings and you can’t express that if you send somebody an email saying ‘Hey, how’s it going? What did you do during the pandemic?’ No one’s going to respond to that. But if you ask people sincerely with the video, they will respond. And you can have a virtual cup of coffee with them. 

You can have coffee delivered to them and this is the time for you. And, I’m challenging you, salespeople, all over the world now is the time to emerge. Tomorrow I’m going to ask you did you sign up for Hippo? Have you made your first Hippo Video yet? It’s not what you thought it was gonna suck. If you try 10 more times until you actually liked it. Have you sent one yet? What have your customers responded with? 

So this is it’s only Wednesday. We’re going to do Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. This is going to be Hippo awareness week and I want to make sure that each of you has the opportunity to play. Karthi has done two things. They’ve established a 7-Day free trial and a 15% discount ticket or discount code. I’m going to paste it in again. A discount code for you, too. Take your home. Just do it. Video is The New Normal. It’s not text anymore. And when you see what Hippo does send the first one to yourself and see what you look like. You may not like it. You may want to do it again, but you can continue consents 500 videos to yourself until you love it. And I think there’s that. I think that’s one of the I think that oh, wow, look at this guy Brian from Portland ‘I made 40 Hippo videos so far. I love it. Hurry up and finish. I’m so excited to get back to making more videos. 

All right, Karthi, it is time for you to go to your bed. 


Thanks, Jeffrey. It’s a pleasure to have you here and thanks to the viewers as well. 


My pleasure. I’ll see you soon practice doing today helping with your family. Cheers. 

Okay, guys, do you see what we’ve done here? This is unbelievable. And I’m at the forefront of this. I want to make sure that everybody gets it and can play with it. Cue card option to read your own screen is yeah there’s all kinds of things. Listen. These guys are working day and night to make this program even cooler. My goodness, we have to put ourselves in a position where? Oui. Are winning and sometimes people will take advantage of it in the chat. So when I see one I’m going to delete it and that is there. Is this the mobile app? No, this is the laptop iPad app. There is a mobile app. It’s being refined literally as we speak. They’ve been working on the mobile app for two years, but it will scroll your text as you’re recording it.

Jenny, you okay? Yeah, Jen’s here and we’re rolling. This is a good morning and the whole family is here. And I’m going to say goodbye. I’m way over my time limit this morning. I’m going to say goodbye to you. Thank you, Karthi. Thank you Hippo Video. I want everybody to sign up and go forward. Let me put the link in here one more time because there’s a coupon 15%. Jeff joined at the end. We’ll go back and check it out video is the future. Thanks for sharing it, Rob. You’re more than welcome. There will be thousands of people checking this out, hopefully. One of them will not be your competitor. Get ahead of them. Now start making videos and send them to yourself to see how you look and see how you sound and see what your message is like. There are cue cards that you can use to record the video as you speak. They have mastered this program and it will continue to get better. There are 60 people working at Hippo Video every single day working their fingers to the bone virtually at the moment because India is pretty much on lockdown. But they’re helping you make communication to your customer in a way that you will forever be grateful for I’m grateful for them. So I will see you tomorrow morning. At 9:59 a.m. Thank you for being my customer. Cheers.

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