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Meet Humanize AI
The fastest, easiest way to generate videos using AI.

You’ve made it to the early access list.
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See Humanize AI in action

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Revolutionizing hyper-personalized video creation

  • Generate 100s of videos from ONE video

    Record one video and generate stunning, natural-looking personalized versions of the same video at scale. The Digital You Vs. The Real you—there is no telling.

  • Deliver truly personalized experiences

    Raise the bar of your engagement and delight your prospects by addressing each one of them by their own name—without having to record the same message separately—thanks to Humanize AI.

  • Maximum impact with minimal effort

    Save time, cut costs, simplify your workflow, and, most importantly, focus on what you do best—all while leaving personalized video creation to our AI video generator.


How does Humanize AI work?

Here’s how you can send personalized videos using Humanize in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Record & upload a video of yourself to train the Humanize AI with your voice & visuals.

Step 2

Type your script to generate videos & upload an excel with recipient details like name, company name etc.

Step 3

Your Humanized video will be ready in minutes. Launch campaign & delight your audience.

Step 4

Launch the campaign and delight your prospects.

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Recession affecting sales costs and output?

Do more with every sales dollar spent!

Save on travel costs

Offer a similar engaging sales experience, VIRTUALLY. Create and send personalized interactive videos that demand prospects’ attention.

Don’t let downsizing get in your way

Scale sales prospecting with personalized videos and increase team output. Make more connections, book more meetings, close more deals, and increase revenue.

Deploy Video AI across business touchpoints

From personalized video email campaigns to onboarding new customers, the possibilities are endless.

  • Video email campaigns
  • Webinar invite videos
  • Event invite videos
  • Videos for ABM
  • Newsletter videos
  • Outbound Prospecting videos
  • Micro demos
  • Videos in outbound sequence
  • Video greetings
Customer Success & Support
  • Customer onboarding video
  • Training Video
  • MBR/QBR videos


from the first Humanize AI user

Jay D Miller

Business Owner Fault Line Sales LLC

One thing that Hippo, and to be fair, most other Video for Sales platforms have not been able to offer, is personalization at any kind of scale. Hippo Video has been working on an artificial intelligence enabled way to digitize people, to then allow personalization on a massive scale.


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