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About the speaker

Mark McDougall

Marc McDougall

Clarity First Consulting

Marc McDougall is the founder of Clarity First Consulting and helps SaaS Companies to book more demos. Marc helps in design, build, deploy, and manage SaaS websites just to enable them to see the real opportunity to land more conversions. He started his career with General Electric and has AcademiCode and Clarity First under his founder’s belt.

Podcast description

Here are some of the questions that were asked during the podcast:

Things SaaS companies can do to prevent the churn right now

The dreaded "We're on a spending freeze" objection - What can SaaS companies do about it?

The pandemic impact on marketing

What do you mean by "delightful" marketing?

"Delightful" marketing campaigns that work wonders

Best examples of companies that are adapting their marketing to the pandemic well

“ONE” thing SaaS companies must focus on for the next 6 months