The REAL Sales Video Playbook by King Of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer

Powerful & Actionable Video Tips. Jeffrey Gitomer Shows You How

Camera Shy? Don’t Worry! Presenting To You The King of Sales and Now Your Video Coach

Power Of Emotion

With over 40 years of experience, Jeffrey’s knowledge in sales is impeccable. He will be your VIDEODA (Video Yoda, DUH!) to help you express emotions through videos, leverage the power of videos in sales, and launch your very first successful sales video.

Coaching that Works

Your real-world coach and strategies! Right from recording a sales video pitch that gets responses to what to say and what not to, Jeffrey Gitomer guides you through it all. With his coaching, your sales video is only 1 step away.

Become the Real Rainmaker

It all starts with getting behind the camera. Take cues from “The King of Sales”, go ahead and start incorporating videos in your sales strategy to move your prospects down the funnel to close more deals.

Videos That Will Help You Take Your Sales to the Next Level

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The REAL Sales Video Playbook by Jeffrey Gitomer

  • 01m:16s
    What To Say To Get Your Prospects Attention On LinkedIn Messages
  • 01m:44s
    What To Say On Video When You Thank Someone For Business
  • 01m:28s
    What To Say On Video When You Follow Up On A Meeting
  • 01m:44s
    What To Say On Video When You Ask For A Demo
  • 01m:03s
    What To Say In Video When You Are Trying To Renew The Contract
  • 01m:17s
    What To Say On Video When You Ask For An Appointment
  • 02m:06s
    Be Your Own Video Coach
  • 01m:33s
    Intro to Your Video Sales Coach: Jefferey Gitomer 'King of Sales'
  • 01m:02s
    What To Say On Video While Prospecting Above The Power Line
  • 00m:57s
    3 Elements of a Successful Video
  • 01m:12s
    Your Next Video Will Never Go Unnoticed
  • 00m:56s
    The Value of Sincerity
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