Video Platform for Sales Teams

for Sales Teams

Hippo Video is built for the needs of your sales team to have REAL engagement with your prospects and customers, throughout their life cycle.

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Loved by sales teams

Deliver unique experience with sales pages.

  • Our video sales pages help you deliver a personalized experience and make each prospect feel special.

  • Hook your customers with a personal video message

  • Add collaterals and contract PDFs right there to drive action

  • Deliver account-specific experiences to your prospects and drive revenue faster

Track effectiveness of your prospecting.

  • Get real-time video reports to track performance & analyze the effectiveness of your video outreach.

  • See which parts of your videos are working well

  • Plan your follow-ups based on prospect engagement

  • Integrate with platforms you use and get real-time insights

Free guide to writing effective sales video emails
(with templates and scripts)

Make recording easy with teleprompter.

  • Record perfect pitch videos in a single take by reading scripts displayed on your screen.

  • Read your script as it scrolls by making eye contact

  • Eliminate awkward ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ while recording

  • No need to memorize your sales script

Sandwich preset video pitches.

  • "Sandwich" two or more videos to create your own sales video template.

  • Reduce video creation time by over 60%

  • Maintain consistency and improve productivity

  • Record a personalized intro video calling out your prospect’s name to grab attention

  • Use a pre-recorded sales pitch video and finish the video with a custom CTA button at the end

Customize your video background

  • Customize your video backgrounds with images such as office spaces, abstract backdrops, and landscapes.

  • Quickly cover messy backgrounds

  • Help prospects focus on video pitch

  • A great branding opportunity, especially for prospecting

Why Hippo Video?

Hippo Video is the most comprehensive and feature-rich platform that enables personalized communication with your prospects and customers throughout their life cycle—starting from prospecting, engagement, conversion, to retention. Supports integrations with sales platforms you use every day.

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