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Customize Hippo Video HTML5 player’s look and feel to match your brand. Experience the best playback for any environment and connection speed and make sure your videos look amazing everywhere.

Drive Leads and Conversions

Embed your videos anywhere, add clickable call to action in the player, and move prospects through the buying process faster with videos.

Record Video Testimonials and Feedback

Track Video Performance Analytics

Get greater insights on how your video impacts revenue. Nurture leads with targeted follow up content based on video analytics.

All-in-one video marketing platform for marketers

Record Marketing Videos

Record or import videos & screen captures. Create GIFs and videos from images. Learn more

Edit Like a Professional

Perform advanced editing functions. Import videos, add free music, images from video library. Learn more

Engage Audience Better

Boost video engagement rate with reactions and comments in the videos. Learn more

Powerful Integrations

Integrate with Slack, Trello, Gmail, FB Workplace, Social media & more. Learn more

Export & Embed

Export to YouTube channels, Vimeo & GDrive. Embed your video anywhere with code snippets. Learn more

Secure Hosting & Privacy

Host videos in the cloud. Control video access. Share with password. Set expiry date. Learn more

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