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How can Sales Teams make Videos from anywhere?

record sales prospecting videos


Record prospecting videos on the go with a single click

send sales videossend sales videos
send sales videossend sales videos
send sales videossend sales videos
send sales videos


Integrate and share videos seamlessly without switching interface

track personalized sales videosCheck prospect's video watch time, sales engagementtrack personalized sales videosCheck video analytics to refine your video sales pitchtrack personalized sales videos


Track videos to plan prospect engagement and drive more sales

Video Selling Story
A Short Story on Video Selling
The world is adapting to a new sales strategy, and it is videos.

Build trust, provide value and nurture relationships with prospects with the help of REAL and humanized videos instead of mundane text emails.

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Video for Sales Coach
Learn from Jeffrey Gitomer, King of Sales
Get better at video selling with a video sales coach

If you are one of the salespersons among many others who've never recorded prospecting or sales videos, we've got your back. Jeffrey Gitomer will personally guide and coach you to make your videos better. Jeffrey will help you with practical tips to:

  • Get better at video selling & prospecting.
  • Make impactful personalized videos to get a response from prospects.
  • Drive results with video cadences, product demos or even handling sales objections.

Video Selling Testimonials
What our Customers Say on Video Selling

Frequently Asked Questions on Video for Sales

How can I increase sales using videos for sales teams?

Videos selling can be a great sales hack in every step of your sales journey. In cold outreach, personalized video emails can skyrocket your outreach response rates. As the prospect moves ahead in the buying process, videos with personalized sales page can help account executives speed up the sales process and win more deals.
Yes, you can track videos using Hippo Video and gain insights on your viewers. Monitoring video analytics can help sales reps plan better follow-ups.
You can personalize one video and reach out to multiple leads through Hippo Video, at scale. Stats suggest personalization can grow your sales by about 20%.
Yes, you can integrate Hippo Video with CRM applications or your sales tools. Hippo Video is supported on Salesforce, Gmail, Hubspot, Outreach and other popular sales tools. If you do not find your integration, do reach out to us and we'll help you out craft a video selling & prospecting strategy.