How to win more deals with sales proposals

How to Win More Deals With Sales Proposals (+ Video Templates)

Sales proposals represent a pivotal moment for sales reps as they mark a solid step towards closing a deal. However, your prospects are eagerly waiting to see how convincing your proposal is.

It’s worth noting that you can only persuade your prospect up until the point at which you send your sales proposal. From there, the final verdict is in the hands of a group of senior leaders—individuals with whom you may not be acquainted.

Remember, your proposal is only as good as the impression it leaves on your prospect. This is where sales video proposals come in to give you that extra boost.

According to Proposify’s research on 1 million proposals, adding video to your proposals can increase close rates by 41%. 

In this guide, we will teach you how to create a winning sales proposal and share our foolproof sales video proposal templates. These video templates will help you craft personalized sales proposals in record time. Let’s dive in.

What are sales proposals?

Sales proposals are a formal business document that provides a comprehensive representation of your sales pitch, including details on how your product or service can solve prospects’ pain points, pricing information, and the terms of the agreement.

Even though you might not have the chance to present your sales pitch in person, a well-structured sales proposal can establish your credibility, highlight your unique selling points, and convince your prospects that your product or service is the best option to solve their problems.

How to write an effective sales proposal?

Crafting an effective sales proposal goes beyond using generic templates and making minor adjustments. To truly stand out and win over your prospects, personalize each proposal to showcase the specific benefits they’ll gain from your product or service. Here are four essential components to focus on:

  • 1. Opportunity Statement: Begin with a concise opportunity statement that demonstrates your understanding of the client’s current situation and their goals. Conduct market research to identify business objectives based on your findings.
  • 2. Credibility: Build trust and credibility by showcasing your expertise and success. Utilize client lists and case studies, preferably in video format, as people prefer watching videos over reading plain text. We will give you more insights into this in the below paragraph.
  • 3. Price Context: Put the price into perspective by providing context and highlighting the value your product or service offers. Avoid separating value from price and use this tactic to frame your argument.
  • 4. Customer Value Proposition: Tailor a compelling value proposition for each product or service you offer, addressing the specific needs and interests of the decision-makers you are engaging with.

The power of video in sales proposals

While many sales proposals are traditionally text-based, they may not always effectively convey the value proposition and content to prospects. To avoid misunderstandings, unnecessary back-and-forth, or the risk of losing a deal due to lack of clarity, incorporating videos in your sales proposals can be a game-changer.

Here are the key benefits of using videos in your sales proposals:

  • 1. Build Relationships: Videos allow prospects, including decision-makers you’ve never met, to see and connect with you personally. This helps break down barriers and build trust.
  • 2. Seamless Integration: You can easily embed videos within your sales proposal using a video platform, creating a smooth and interactive experience as if you were guiding them through the document.
  • 3. Faster Decision-Making: Using videos can reduce back-and-forth communication, streamlining the process and speeding up the deal-closing timeline.
  • 4. Additional Information: Enhance your proposal with supplementary videos in a carousel format, offering prospects more in-depth insights.
  • 5. Convenient Viewing: Prospects can watch and replay the video at their convenience, ensuring they absorb all the essential information.
  • 6. Customized Engagement: Stand out from generic pre-written templates by using creative and customized outreach activities, such as personalized videos tailored to your prospects’ specific needs.

By leveraging the power of video in your sales proposals, you can engage prospects effectively, strengthen your relationships, and increase your chances of securing successful deals.

Use video templates to create a winning sales proposal

In the pursuit of personalized sales proposals, Hippo Video empowers you to deliver a seamless and all-encompassing experience to your prospects. Our pre-designed sales page offers a hassle-free process where you can effortlessly input your desired information, like adding a video and relevant details. Imagine having a video on the left and essential documents on the right, all in one place, enabling you to communicate with prospects without the need to switch between windows. With just a few clicks, you’re all set to impress and engage your prospects with a professional and personalized sales proposal. Simplify your sales process with Hippo Video today!

To use these pre-designed sales page templates, you can simply head to our hippo video tool and select the template you wish to use. In a few simple clicks, you can personalise your sales page to suit your brand colour as well as include a video along with your sales proposal.

For the step-by-step process, check out this document.

You can also use our video templates to quickly put together your video.

As you can see in the image above, simply add in your sales proposal, followed by either recording a video from scratch, or upload a pre-existing video – it’s that simple.


In conclusion, crafting winning sales proposals is a crucial skill that can significantly impact your success in closing deals. By incorporating video templates into your proposals, you can elevate your pitch to a whole new level of engagement and effectiveness. 

If you haven’t used videos in your sales proposals, check out Hippo Video and experience it now.