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Announcing Our Brand New Video Marketing Platform: From Branding to Sales And Everything in between!

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My eyes are shimmering with pride, you’ve been asking for, it’s finally live. Let’s give each other a high-five because you’re the reason we thrived.

You’ve been asking about Hippo Video for Video Marketing for like (1 month, eight days) to be precise… we heard you! Your advice and feedback have gone a long way to shape Hippo Video’s current feature update – thank you all for that!

Video marketing platform announcement - Hippo Video

With the brand new release, there pops a question. ‘Why did we become a Video Marketing platform from just a screen recording tool?’ The answer is here.

Video marketing is not an option anymore for Marketers. It has become so essential that videos now play a significant role in brand outreach and lead generation. Besides, many of our customers realized the importance of including videos in their marketing funnel and approached us to host and track their video performance.

That’s when it dawned on us that instead of making our customers juggle between tools to exploit the power of video, we thought of re-imagining video marketing.

Hippo Video is a video marketing suite using which you can create videos, edit, host, customize the player, generate leads and track video performance, all within a single platform.

Let’s see how the marketing community is changing for the good (A Li’l Story)

Old Rules of Engagement: Business Promotional Videos

old rules of engagement - video marketing platform

When it comes to branding, businesses mostly opt for broadcast videos or business promotional videos. However, did you know that shooting a promotional video is expensive, time-consuming, and has to go through different stages before getting published (as shown in image), so unless you already have video equipment, talented in-house videographers, and an acceptable environment, you’re looking at spending a ton of money?

To get just one promotional video out there to your audience, you need at least a quarter of a year. And a nicely crafted two-minute video using professional resources and equipment could cost you around $3000 or more.

Video production - video marketing platform

There is also the struggle for Authenticity in marketing.

Audiences these days are starting to get suspicious of the authenticity in overly produced business promotional videos. Because there is so much false information out there, people are not as trusting as they once were.

New Rules of Engagement: Moving From Promotional Videos To Everyday Brand Narrative Videos

New rules of engagement - video marketing platform

Videos don’t necessarily have to be promotional to attract followers. But videos should offer the audience something they want to see. One of the ways to do this is to create a video that’s educational.

With our recent release Hippo Video for Marketing and Sales,’ our goal is to shift the marketer’s focus from promotional videos to everyday brand narratives.

Everyday brand narratives help you to interact with your audience on a daily basis through videos. So when people see ‘real’ people doing ‘real’ things, authenticity increases automatically. Hippo Video can help you to create video content more efficiently online, from video creation, professional editing to hosting, lead generation and tracking your video performance.

Creating everyday brand narratives and sharing them with your audience will help you engage with your audience better. Also, it improve your search engine rankings, and increase conversion and click-through rates.

At Hippo Video, we haven’t done a single business promotional video so far. All we do is everyday brand narratives. But we have a YouTube channel called Video Wisdom, where we talk about the importance of videos in marketing, support, sales, use cases, and more.

Video wisdom channel - video marketing platform

Take a peek into our channel stats. In a short span of time, we have got a good engagement ratio.

video wisdom Youtube stats

Every Friday, posts a “whiteboard” style video on their blog. They’re popularly known as the “Whiteboard Friday” videos. These videos attract attention from SEOs, attracts a significant number of links, embeds, and social shares; thereby increasing traffic for SEOmoz.

whiteboard friday seo moz

Start creating simple videos. Take videos in the car or your kitchen while making coffee. People want to see you living life because that makes you look more authentic, and engaging.

Video Marketing Platform Re-Imagined With Hippo Video

video marketing funnel

With Hippo Video,

  • You can customize the video player to resonate with your brand, increase brand reach, awareness and engagement. Make a great first impression, reach a greater audience and drive traffic.
  • Send personalized video campaigns with Hippo Video’s Gmail Add-on, Automate mailing sequences, and track campaign performance metrics.
  • Drive lead and boost conversion. With a handful of quality leads, you can turn your prospects into customers.
  • You can send personalized video emails and track their performance metrics, get live notifications of who watched your video and for how long, the click rate and email open rate so you can reach out to them instantly.
  • You can build customer trust and brand credibility by collecting video testimonials, surveys, and feedback easily.

Quick Descriptions of Our New Marketing Features

Player Branding: Take Control of Your Video Player

  • HTML5  Player – Customize the player’s look and feel to match your brand, and make sure your videos look amazing anywhere.
  • Custom Domain – Improve brand recognition, credibility with the custom domain and grow your marketing performance.
  • Add Call-to-Actions – Add customized CTAs in the player, and move prospects through the buying process faster with videos.
  • Upload Logo – Increase your brand’s reach by adding a customized logo to your video player.
  • Choose Thumbnail – You can select the most compelling thumbnail or choose from the suggestions to make your video perfect.
  • Add Title and End Screen – Add your own title and end screen inside the video.
  • Change Themes – Change the theme of the player to suit your needs.

Customizable branding player hippo videoLead Generation: Drive Leads and Boost Conversions

  • Add Annotations – Adding annotations drive more traffic from your video.
  • Add Call-to-actions (CTAs) – Adding CTAs drives leads and can bring conversions and revenue.
  • Add Lead Generation Forms – Adding lead generation forms generates qualified leads. You can quickly acquire customers from lead forms inside the video and convert visitors to customers.
  • Add Polls and Quiz – Understand your audience’s pulse by activating a quiz or a question poll within your videos.
  • Promote Playlist –  Promote other related-videos, at the end of the current video, and increase the number of video views.

Lead Generation - video marketing platform

Audience Demographics: Track Video Performance Metrics

Hippo Video gives you detailed insights into who is viewing your video, how are they viewing, where are they sharing and how are they reacting to your videos.

You can also dive into the individual viewer’s action with our advanced viewer profile analytics. Watch where your viewers show interest in your video, where they skip and exit. Also get the IP address, location, device used and number of CTAs clicked.

Video performance and analytics

Collect Video Testimonials

With Hippo Video, you can collect your customer’s video testimonials efficiently. You have to share a link, and your customers can record and send their video with the link without having to sign up. You can also use this feature to ask your customers to record their feedback or queries and send it to you. Sometimes it might be difficult for you to sync up with your customers on a call. Collecting video feedback from your customers can save you from many hassles.

collect Video Testimonial - video marketing platform

Hippo Video’s Gmail Add-on

Email marketing helps in building and maintaining long-lasting, reliable relations with your customers. A recent survey on Email marketing states “About 77% of people reported a boost from video email compared to traditional, typed-out text emails. Also, 20% of the respondents more than doubled their results with video.” With Hippo Video’s Gmail Add-on, you can achieve the following:

  • Create, edit, share and track videos inside Gmail. Empower your sales force with video.
  • Increase open rates, click-through rates and bring more conversions and revenue.
  • Track engagement status, behavior and move prospects through the sales funnel faster.
  • Get live notifications, increase the follow-ups and stay in touch consistently.

Hippo Video gmail add-on - video marketing platform

Record and Edit Marketing Videos

Import videos or create marketing videos yourself by using your webcam, screen capture and audio in HD quality. Create GIFs, import images or choose from our stock images and audio library to create videos with images and background audio.

Create videos - video marketing platform

Perform advanced editing functions. Import videos, add free music, images from the video library. Trim, blur, cut, crop, add text, emojis, and callouts.

Pro Edit - hippo video editor - video marketing platform

Secure Hosting and Video Privacy

Host videos securely. Enjoy powerful video transcoding. Share videos with password protection and privacy settings. Stay organized and manage videos by adding categories. Collaborate with teams, decide user permissions, assign roles and more.

Share, Export & Embed

Share videos on social media, export to YouTube channels, GDrive. Embed your video anywhere with code snippets.

Hippo Video Integrations

Hippo Video integrates with Gmail, Google Suite, Social media, Slack, Trello, Intercom, Jira, FB Workplace, Salesforce, and more.

Our Customers Resonate Our Vision

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