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Ways to use videos to improve customer service

Customer is king! Customer satisfaction is the measure of how well a business delivers its service. Every single factor in a business depends on...
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Effective ways to create an interactive classroom experience

“Technology gives the quietest student a voice”- Jerry Blumengarten.  As a teacher, you strive to give your students with nothing but the best. Even...
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6 revolutionary ways how learning has evolved with technology

Technology has made a great contribution to education and changed the learning process. Teachers and students are no longer looking at books as tools...
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The one technology that you need to create a flipped classroom

Lately, have you been hearing the term “ Flipped Classroom ”? But what exactly is it? Well, The idea is very simple. The Origin...
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The secret for crafting a great video

What is Instagram without filters? Doesn’t make any sense, right? That is what exactly a video is, without editing. Video editing is one of...
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