Deliver the best customer support experience with Hippo Video’s new integration with ‘Intercom.’

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Customer demands are growing at an exponential rate as they want their voices to be heard as soon as they have initiated the communication. Communication is the key to any business, it can either make or break a business. In today’s competitive market, every brand is looking at ways to respond to their customers seamlessly and efficiently.  

Imagine you get a query, you want to address it as soon as possible and also you have the solution ready in your mind. Now, the problem might be that you could find it difficult to put the solution out there in words.

For instance, you get a query on “How to wear a tie?” You quickly type the entire procedure in words and send it across.

According to Zabisco, human brain responds far better to visual information compared to just plain text. No matter how hard we try, sometimes we fail at expressing certain things through text.

Now, how can you communicate effectively with customers and respond to them faster? The answer is simple, through Videos!

Let’s take the same example. Imagine you respond to the query with a short video tutorial on how to wear a tie. What would the user prefer? A big chunk of text or a simple video tutorial. Of course, A Video!

In the tech-savvy world that we live in, a video plays an important role in a brand’s communication strategy. A video lets you connect with your customers on an emotional level.

Sameer Patel of the Sovos Group says, “Whether it’s for a customer or employee communication… voice, video, conferencing, and virtual meetings are front and center to how organizations look at collaboration.”

Hippo Video and Intercom

What if we told you that you can now create videos inside Intercom and respond to your users faster?

Here’s the good news, YES, you can do this! Hippo Video’s new integration with Intercom lets you respond to your customers in the easiest way possible. Now, Let’s look at how you can resolve queries faster using videos inside Intercom.


Enhance your communication by creating Explanatory videos

It’s a known fact that the best way of communication is by including visuals. No matter how much you try to explain a few things through text or call, you might not be able to convey the message entirely.

Nothing works the way a video does, especially in putting across a message.

Hippo Video lets you create videos right inside your Intercom messenger. With a click of a button, you can easily capture your screen and webcam, and create videos. You can then send the videos across to the users and resolve support queries in a jiffy.

It could be helping your users with a process or answering a query or even sharing your screen; everything is made possible with Hippo Video.

Save an ample amount of time by creating short ”how-to” videos

People who reach out to a business, with certain queries, expect a response almost instantly.

But, the truth is that most businesses might not be able to deliver fast enough. It requires a larger workforce and time to respond to the same queries again and again. Because of this, businesses might lose a significant percentage of their customers.

Again, a set of short videos can solve this problem. With Hippo Video, you can easily choose videos from your Hippo Video library and send it across to the users. It is a great idea to create quick videos of the solutions to the most frequently asked queries.

Easily understand user queries with the aid of videos

Sometimes, the problem in responding to support queries is that you might not understand what your users are trying to ask. Especially, when it is something technical or complicated. To solve this problem, the best you can do is to get on a call to understand the query.

Let us consider that you have successfully understood and resolved what the user is trying to ask you. But, how much time did you take on this single query? The easiest and fastest way to understand their problems would be to let users record a video of their query. How? With Hippo Video!

By clicking on “get video reply” Hippo Video lets you share a link with the user. Users can simply click on the link and create a video by talking over the webcam or recording their screen. As simple as that! The best part is that they don’t even have to sign up with Hippo Video to create a video.

Deliver a video to your users that is personalized and easy to understand

What’s the most important element to consider when getting started with videos? The human touch! Without a human element in your video, you might be missing out on opportunities to engage with your customers.

Create a video which is interactive, appealing, and exciting for the viewers. Personalized videos can make a world of difference to the users.

With Hippo Video, you can easily record on your webcam and create a video of yourself talking to the user for either responding to a query, or talking about how as a brand you can help their business.

Now that you know the secret to respond faster with Intercom, all you have to do is get in front of the camera, do the talking and provide the best customer experience for your users.

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