VBook: A Video Book for Personalized Outreach

Most cold outreach sucks – and that’s not a knock on you! That’s the reality for most marketers. With prospects receiving over 100 business emails every day, you’re sure to annoy them and lose a chunk of your opportunities. To drive sales, it’s time to kick off the same old strategies and embrace the gold – a.k.a Video!

Successful sales teams are turning to selling with video to scale their team’s ability to prospect, win opportunities, and close deals like never before.

In this video book, we highlight three key lessons for how your sales team can start using video as part of their sales outreach. 

Video Book Chapter 1 – Crush your sales quota with a personalized outreach

Today, we’re going to give you some actionable tips on how you can use personalization to communicate value and drive better results. So be ready to break through the noise, get a response, and book that meeting. 

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Tip #1: Personalize everything you do for your prospects

Stand out from the myriad of digital messages your prospects are receiving by adding a friendly face to the texts and etch the brand in your prospect’s mind. Also, incorporate personalization elements such as adding names, inserting images, adding logos, personalizing the graphs, CTAs, and even audio in your video.

Tip #2: Video Prospecting for the Camera Shy

Just like many of us, you may be camera shy, we understand. But the truth is, the power of videos cannot be under-estimated. When using video for sales prospecting, opt for screen-recording as modulating the voice and speed can help set the tone. Secondly, make use of a teleprompter to ease your anxiety and sound more natural and engaging. 

Tip #3: Follow-up without being pushy

If you’re still operating under the old stereotype that being pushier is better, it’s time to change your sales tactics. While following-up with prospects, always have something new to share, such as addressing the next steps, otherwise, you’re taking up your prospect’s time without providing any value. Additionally, use powerful video analytics so you can strike while the iron is hot and score leads. 

Tip #4: A GIF or two in a jiffy

Trying to catch a prospect’s attention is akin to getting the most popular kid at school to notice you. So how on earth can you get them to notice you? By incorporating this 8-bit gem, also known as GIF into your email. Get ready to make someone smile and more so, respond – because that’s what you want them to do! Need an example? In our video book we have done that, to bring that smile on your face. 

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Video Book Chapter 2 – Attract, and win opportunities with videos

Video outreach is exciting and excels at breaking through to attract and win opportunities of busy would-be buyers. A video plays an extensive role throughout the sales process and can be added into your follow-ups, meeting recaps, product demos and do so much more. 

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Tip #1: Meeting Recaps

You’ve just hung the phone after a productive call with your prospect. But what are your next steps? To send a recap email, of course. Record a quick 1-minute video summary of the next steps as this will make the prospect more accountable in moving the conversation further.

Tip #2: Demo Calls

A demo video is a practical exhibition of how your product works to educate your viewer. That’s why your business needs demo videos. Apart from the fact that it piques people’s interest and captures their attention, it helps you tailor the content and hyper- personalize it based on their pain point.

Tip #3: Decreasing No-Show Rates

It’s not uncommon these days for sales reps when prospects don’t show up for a meeting. It’s a tremendous waste of time and eats away at their productivity. But the good news is, you can cut no-show rates in half by sending video reminders to build emotional equity and convey to the prospect of what they stand to gain from the meeting.

Tip #4: Answer their Technical Questions

Answer your prospect’s one-off questions at one shot using a video. Using a video allows you to explain things clearly and reinforces the relationship. 

Tip #5: Trade Show Follow-ups

Businesses attend trade shows to obtain valuable leads. But do you have a plan in place for what to do once you’re back in the office so you can move those leads through the funnel? The trick is to use a video to follow-up as it gives them a glimpse of the excellent service you provide your customers so that they feel ready to make their first purchase.

Tip #6: Revive Relationships with Video Check-ins

Leads go cold for various reasons, but that doesn’t mean you ought to abandon them. When it comes to giving your prospects a little nudge, videos can be your best friend to re-engage such leads. For all you know, they probably were waiting for the apt communication and personal touch to bring them back around.

Video Book Chapter 3 – Move deals forward to close

We all know that the goal of every sales effort is to close. So here are some quick tips on using videos to drive your customers to make that big decision.

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Tip #1: Sustaining the Deal Momentum

Every contact between a salesperson and the prospect needs to result in forwarding momentum down the sales pipeline. The trick is to trigger them using powerful motivators such as a customer testimonial, case studies etc. Additionally, you could make the pricing evaluation interesting by recording a video with the pricing you’ve worked out for them along with the value-add they get to keep the momentum going.

Tip #2: Never Lost in Translation

To close a deal successfully, it is essential to garner the influence of your product champion. For this reason, provide resources by creating a video-based landing page and place collaterals such as product overview videos, customer testimonial video, marketing materials, and product demos in the carousel to make it super personalized. 

Tip #3: Getting them in Sync

When aiming to close a deal, apart from communicating with your champion, establish the connection directly with the decision-maker(s). You can do this by recording a quick recap of the conversation that you’ve had with the team to keep the management in sync. 

Tip #4: Cross-sell With a Purpose

Videos are a great way to cross-sell your products/services to your existing customers. So how to do that? Ideally, you should have a short video on each product you sell. This way you aren’t being pushy, and you give them the power to decide. 

Go from cold to gold 

So there you have it. Your three key lessons on using videos to take your personalized outreach from cold to gold are right here. If you haven’t tried videos in the sales process, then there’s no better time than now! So go on and get cracking with videos. 

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