The Ultimate Guide to Using Videos Inside Chat

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Every time a website visitor wants to chat with the brand or the support team they want a response immediately. And as a brand, you cannot risk responding late to your visitors. When the number of threads keeps increasing, the pressure on your team increases.

Most of the time, it is the same set of questions that visitors ask. Sitting at your desk and answering the same set of questions again and again only results in wasting a whole lot of your time.

The only way to solve all of these problems is to upgrade your existing communication with videos.

With chat agents helping to sell products with videos, your business will have fewer queries. This will let you improve efficiency as your company can focus on other tasks while your customers get the answers they need via videos. Now, Let us have a look at the impact of videos on boosting customer experience.

Increase Customer Engagement

Video is the perfect medium to engage your visitors. Delight your website visitors with personalized videos. You can send personalized videos to your visitors to engage them through the conversation. With videos, you can increase engagement whenever you talk to prospects and customers.

Engaging your users with plain text could be boring and make the user lose interest in the product or service. Video allows true engagement- participation in the buying process and becoming involved with the customer’s journey with the brand.  

Decrease Resolution Time

Like we discussed in one of the previous sections, most of the queries are the same set of questions. The best way to solve them is to create videos of the FAQ’s and send them across to users whenever you get a query.

This way of answering helps in saving a lot of time and responding quickly with videos leave a smile on your users face. Now, you know how Video FAQ’s help in solving user queries in a jiffy and result in happy and satisfied visitors. Record, edit and add videos in your chat so you can save time and reach customers in a fresh, new way.

Add a Face to Your Brand

With videos, you can provide the extra personal touch that often makes the difference between a new conversation and a missed opportunity. You can also easily get responses from your most challenging prospects with videos.

A video gives a face to your brand and shows prospects you took the time to make something just for them. Now you can show them instead of just telling them.

Drive More Sales

Add the personal touch of video to your conversations and book more meetings. With personalized videos, you can get responses and sales that your prospects can’t ignore.

Videos also help your messages and emails stand out so you can make deeper connections with your best prospects.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks to use videos in chat and book more meetings, start creating videos right away.


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