Indu Abraham

  A content writer by choice, Indhu is fascinated by the world of sales and loves to jot down secrets to what makes an awesome sales person. A lover of sunshine and soulful music, you can find her crawled up having a good read while sipping on a warm cup of coffee


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4 sales prospecting tips sales reps use to hit their quota

Prospecting is hard work! Maybe that’s why I’d always compare salespeople to gold miners. While the former searches for nuggets in the mud, the...
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Best Practices for Outbound Sales: Tips to 2X Your Sales Pipeline

Outbound sales have always earned a bad reputation among businesses when compared to inbound sales. According to Hubspot’s report, 75% of organizations use inbound...
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5 Video Email Marketing Tips That Work Wonders for Realtors

As a realtor, it is not uncommon to see prospective homebuyers reject a listed property after a tiring and time-consuming house tour, isn’t it?...
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The Combined Power Of Screen Recorder with Webcam Narration

When to record screen and webcam simultaneously Screen recording and webcam videos are a powerful way to share information with your viewers, irrespective of the...
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Video Email Marketing: The Ultimate How-To & How-Not-To Guide

Video Email Marketing -basics: Within a span of a few years, videos in the marketing world and have now become an essential part of...
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Video Email Examples For Every Profession To Get Skyrocketing Results 

15 Examples of Video Email for different Professions In the recent past, video email have become a popular choice for professionals in various fields...
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