6 Steps to Make a Prospecting Video for Email

Prospecting can be challenging.

No, not the sending out of cold outreach emails.

The hard part is not hearing back from prospects.

And that happens more often than you get responses. The main reason for this is that your prospects get 121 business emails a day

That’s why you must come up with a strategy that helps you stand out. Doing so will help improve your response rates.

One way to do that is to make a prospecting video.

Video Prospecting — Why Is It So Important?

For a long time, text-based emails have been the staple of prospecting. And quite frankly, everyone has gotten so used to them they’re not moved. 

To break through the noise, you must do something different. You must incorporate video in your prospecting emails. 

But why video?

We’re in a Video First World

Video has fast become one of the most preferred types of content. This is mainly due to it’s interactive and engaging nature. 

Using video in your prospecting emails, therefore, means you’re giving your prospects content in a format they like. Doing so results in you making a positive impression on them. As a result, you’ll be one step closer to sealing the deal and sending out your proposal

Video Helps You Connect

Your prospects are human beings. And like every other human being, they enjoy connecting with other human beings. 

That’s exactly what video does for your prospecting email.

Because they can see your face and hear your voice, your prospecting video turns your email into a personal message. It is this connection that encourages your prospect to interact with your email.

Video Makes Communication Easier

Communication isn’t just about words. It also involves gestures, expressions, and other types of body language. These are elements of communication that are lacking in a text-based email. 

With a prospecting video, you can convey your pitch and emotions more clearly. This helps make your pitch more compelling.  

Research backs all this. A study by SalesLoft shows that using video in sales emails increases open rates by 16% and response rates by a whopping 26%.

Now that you know why video plays a significant role in your prospecting email let’s get your hands dirty by creating a prospecting video.

How to Make a Prospecting Video in 6 Easy Steps

Making a prospecting video isn’t difficult. All you need are proper planning and the right tools and a robust set of email marketing tools

And no, the right tools doesn’t mean you need a Hollywood-like studio. Thanks to technology, the right tools have become easy to use and affordable. But we’ll get to them in a moment as we go through the six steps of making a prospecting video.

1. Do Your Research

Research is the foundational pillar of any outreach campaign. And it’s no different when creating a prospecting video.

Before you start crafting your blockbuster prospecting video, find out:

  • Who they are
  • Their roles and responsibilities
  • Their challenges, pain points, and aspirations

Knowing as much as you can about your prospects is essential to creating personalized videos. Personalization, of course, is a vital ingredient to successful outreach campaigns. It also helps you create a memorable customer journey as you lead your prospect down your sales funnel.

2. Determine What Kind of Video You’ll Use

After researching your prospects, the next step you must take is to determine the kind of video you’ll make. Hopefully, the intel you gathered on your prospects would have shed light on their preferred video type.

The types of video you can consider include:

  • Webcam. This type is best suited for introducing yourself as it features your face front and centre, making it seem like you’re face-timing with your prospect.
  • Screen share. Sharing your screen is an excellent way of sharing tacit knowledge as you can walk your prospect through a process or explanation. It’s best suited for times when you need more showing than telling.
  • Product demonstration video. Giving your prospect a look at how easy it is to use your product, and its effectiveness is a great way to earn their trust.
  • Referral video. Referrals play a huge role in helping you reach out to the right prospects. Create unique videos for prospects you get this way. Name drop the person who referred you (in the subject line and video) to grab their attention.

Knowing which type of video will work best for your prospect is essential to delivering the right message and in a way they’ll enjoy.

Learn to create different types of videos here.

3. Create a Personalized Script

You don’t have to be the next Quentin Tarantino, but you still have to develop impactful scripts for your prospecting videos. A few elements you must consider include:

  • Introduction. Greet your prospect (by name) and introduce yourself.
  • Pitch. This is where you tell them why you’re reaching out and what you bring to the table. Don’t ramble — keep it as brief as possible.
  • Call-to-action. Tell your prospect what next steps are required and encourage them to take them.
  • Thank you. Always thank your prospect for taking the time to watch your video and for considering your message.

Create your script around these elements, making sure to factor in any other visual aids you may include in your video.

4. Record and Edit Your Video

Armed with your script, it’s time to record your video. If you’re new to this, don’t worry. With practice and by following a few expert tips, you’ll soon be comfortable behind the camera.

The key points to note as you record your video are:

  • Location. Choose your location wisely as your background (and background noises) add to the overall experience your prospect will have with your video.
  • Make sure your sound is perfect. Sure, the emphasis is on the video, but once you’ve got your prospect hooked, they want to hear every word you have to say. Poor sound quality is a total turnoff. No matter how great your video may be, you may lose your prospect if your audio is undesirable.
  • Pay attention to lighting. For clear, crisp videos, you must make sure you have enough light to accentuate every element in your video. If you can, use as much natural light as possible.

Once you’ve recorded your video, edit and polish it to give it a professional finish. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Sometimes the small flaws give your video character.

5. Personalize Your Videos


You’ve created your video, and it’s now time to send it on its way, right?

Not yet. For your video to be effective, you must personalize it.

Video personalization is a crucial element in winning over your prospects. When they feel you know them and understand their main pain points, they’re more likely to schedule an appointment with you. 

While it may seem like an impossible task to send personalized videos to all your prospects, it isn’t. With tools like Hippo Video, you can easily personalize and send videos at scale. And the best part — Hippo Video integrates with most sales funnel platforms

6. Don’t Forget the Thumbnail

Getting your prospect to open your email is half the battle. The other half is to get them to watch your video. 

One way to get them to do that is to write compelling email copy that moves them to play your video.

Another way is to create an attention-grabbing thumbnail. A thumbnail is an image used as a placeholder for a video. Its purpose is to encourage your recipient to click and play your video. A few ideas for a thumbnail include:

  • Personalized thumbnails. Use a frame in which you’ve written their name on a whiteboard, chalkboard, or magnet board.
  • Use a GIF. Select an attention-grabbing part of your video and use it as a GIF. Again, it will be more impactful if you can personalize it.

Never leave your thumbnail set to default. Be deliberate about what you want your prospects to see when they open your email.

Making a Prospecting Video is No Longer an Option

Making a prospecting video is no longer an option. If you want your prospecting email to stand out from the crowd and encourage engagement, then creating a prospecting video is a must. 

Video is a great way to connect with your prospects. And when you add an element of personalization, your chances of converting them are higher.

So go ahead, create that prospecting video and enjoy greater success rates.

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