How to Sell 2X Insurance Policies with Video

If you’re an insurance sales agent or a broker, you’ve landed on the right page. The insurance industry is expanding; staying at the top of the market is not simple!

Many of the insurance professionals are actively looking for ways to drive more conversions.

Big giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook have set a customer experience precedent that all businesses must adapt now to stay ahead of the competition and grow.

Therefore, when we buy something—especially a more complex and valuable purchase like an insurance policy—we expect a personalized experience.

As consumers are becoming more & more informed, they ultimately expect a better level of service and a more personalized experience.

Sales agents who use videos in their outreach process see a 3X increase in response rates and 70% of the sales and marketing professionals consider video to be more effective when converting qualified prospects than other types of content. 

Challenges insurance agents are facing in selling policies 

Let’s face it! Independent insurance agents are facing numerous challenges these days. It includes

  • Explaining, convincing, and motivating about the policies to prospects
  • Lack of trust and confidence in the sales agents 
  • Cost of traditional marketing is high
  • Sales agents are finding it difficult to book meetings with prospective clients

With these challenges, as an insurance agent/broker, it is important to take a consultative approach by delivering a high-value experience.

When customers perceive that their insurance agent/broker meets their expectations, the policies become more valuable to them, and they are more likely to be loyal in the long term.

They are more likely to purchase additional policies. 

According to an article published on Business Wire, in 2017, more than 70% of insurance service professionals have already begun using video-enabled services for claims management, loss adjustment, or remote expertise, while over 60% plan to deploy video for sales and advisory services. 

The key priority of the industry is to humanize their customer interaction (for more complex or emotional topics) and to streamline processes by connecting customers with the right insurance experts.

Take big players like State Farm, Allstate, MetLife, Farmers Insurance Group, and Liberty Mutual Insurance are already adopting videos to humanize their client relationships and ensure the leads are turned into successful deals.

Videos are a great way to connect, build trust, and less expensive to create. Content can be consumed quickly and effectively via personalized videos than text.

Interactive videos can make the experience more engaging than long informational articles about benefits plans. Hippo Video is ideally suited for the Insurance agents and brokerage firms for personalizing contract walkthroughs, an overview of the policies, book meetings with prospective clients through videos. 

Take a look at interesting ways Hippo Video can help you ace your game. Primarily using videos for insurance agents and brokers.

Generate video proposal walkthroughs to explain policy contracts

There are different types of insurance policies like a vehicle, health, business insurance, and more. 

Every insurance policy offers various benefits for the customers. Contracts spell out the terms of the policy, including what’s covered and what’s not as well as what customers will pay for. Contracts contain a lot of information that customers need to read carefully before they sign the document. 

Imagine if you could make their life easy by providing them a video of the proposal walkthrough. With Hippo Video you can record the screen with a policy contract document on one side and with your voice to walk them through the entire contract. 

Stand out from the myriad of digital messages your prospects are receiving by adding a friendly face to the texts and etch the brand in your prospect’s mind.

This video can be embedded in their email as well. If you plan to send it to a group of prospects who opted for the same kind of insurance policies, you personalized it with elements such as names, inserting images, adding logos, CTAs. This will help them gain trust in the services you provide. 

Use engagement analytics to distinguish between the Interested and Non-Interested buyers

Now that you’ve sent your prospects video with proposal walkthroughs. You can keep track of their engagement. With engagement analytics, it is easy to understand if your user is interested in buying the policy from you.

You can use the video insights with common metrics like video watch rate, video views, play rate, share rate, and retention rate to track and measure how your customers are reacting to your videos. 

Personalized video reminders for policy renewal and conveying greetings on important occasions

It doesn’t stop with analytics. You can integrate Hippo Video with your CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, and automation tools like Salesloft, Mailchimp to automate video communication or policy renewal deadlines, new policy updates, and discount offers.

Go one step further to strengthen relationships with policyholders by greeting and wishing them on holidays, birthdays & special occasions through video templates.

You could also schedule your video emails to remind your customers about policy renewals and other policy updates. 

Sales Landing Pages to book more meetings

To close a deal successfully, it is essential to increase your prospect engagement by sharing the insurer collaterals – policy videos, and documents through the personalized sales landing page.

Keep them curious. Answer your customer questions smartly using the videos on a landing page.

Using a video allows you to explain things clearly and reinforces the relationship. Videos can be as integral a part of your sales strategy as you want them to be. You could create an auto-responder video message if someone books a meeting with you via your website.

Not only that, you can track how your landing pages are coming, personalize the entire landing page to your prospects and see which CTA buttons are resonating with our prospects.

These data will help you form an informed decision about your prospects in real-time. 

Getting Started

Insurance videos can serve you at every stage like customer acquisition, policy renewals, cross-sell, upsell, onboarding, claim to process, and help you crush your quota.

Make video a habit, and you will see the benefits trickle down, with more closed-won deals.

By taking advantage of the Hippo Video platform, you can make your sales cycle more memorable and creative, turning them into efficient weapons for conquering your customers and winning their hearts. 

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