Digital Sales Room: Simplify the virtual sales evaluation process

Today, buyers prefer frictionless virtual evaluations. And Digital Sales Rooms, a.k.a. Virtual Deal Rooms is the tool that can help you deliver what is expected—an efficient, transparent, and personalized buying experience.

Digital Sales Room Guide
Hippo Video – Digital Sales Room

Buying patterns have indeed evolved, and according to Gartner, modern buyers spend an average of 15% of the buying cycle time reconciling different information sources, often from the same supplier. However, emerging sales technology like Digital Sales Rooms helps you minimize this unproductive time and facilitates presenting a seamless experience to your prospects right from the first encounter and shortens the deal cycle.

It unifies all the required collaterals in one location to move the deal forward, making it convenient for all the decision-makers to collaborate and make an informed purchase decision. Plus, it also helps in creating a self-service buying experience that instills a sense of control and confidence in the buyers throughout the deal.

Digital Sales Rooms can help to:

  • Simplify the buyer evaluation process through a centralized buying resource hub.
  • Delight modern buyers with a branded and one-to-one buyer experience.
  • Deploy the power of videos to personalize messages and provide context for assets.
  • Establish a secured virtual environment for successful deal collaboration.
  • Help in the consensus-building process to gain buy-in from all the stakeholders.
  • Mitigate buyer concerns actively and increase the frequency of communication.
  • Track buyer engagement in real time and prioritize follow-ups individually.

Get started on creating a Digital Sales Room

Creating a Digital Sales Room with Hippo Video is easy. Follow this four-step process to initiate the setup and ‘Drive Sales Results’ faster than ever.

1. Create and Customize your Sales Room

The first step towards producing a seamless buying experience is securing a digital or virtual space to create it. With Hippo Video, you can create Digital Sales Rooms in minutes—you simply have to start by naming the room. For example, you can name the room based on your collaboration, i.e., [Customer’s Company Name] X [Your Company Name].

Next, personalize it by adding their company logo, set access permissions, provide a short description explaining the purpose of the sales room, add the Table of Contents to give a brief overview of each of the resource sections, and lastly, add CTAs.

Quick Note: The Table of Contents, along with providing an organized overview of the salesroom’s structure, includes hyperlinks, allowing viewers to click on a section’s title and navigate directly to the corresponding section.

2. Include Documents and Resources

Once you’ve created the sales room and customized it to your prospect’s brand, it’s time to add documents or resources tailored to their business needs. These resources can include case studies, use cases, product presentations, onboarding plans, security and compliance documents, support contracts, and more—anything that could provide stakeholders with the context of every moving step before and after the closure. Using Hippo Video’s easy drag-and-drop mechanism, you can effortlessly upload resources from your devices or cloud storage drives to the respective sections.

Quick Tip: Before uploading the documents to the Digital Sales Room, make sure to name them appropriately so the buyers can identify them and also have context for each of the documents.

3. Add Video Assets

Modern buying experiences are incomplete without videos. Deploy dynamic storytelling using videos to drive buyer engagement, pass on dense information quickly, and create sticky brand experiences. You can add a variety of videos to support your deal, like an introductory video explaining your competitive advantage to the buyers, short product or feature demos, product roadmaps, video testimonials, proposal walkthroughs, videos from pilots, and more.

With Hippo Video, you can easily upload videos from your device or account library or directly record a new one from the Digital Sales Room at the click of a button and upload it.

Quick Tip: Transform your talking head videos into attention magnets by incorporating your prospect’s website as the video background.

4. Share your Sales Room with the Prospective Team

Once your Digital Sales Room is put together, it’s time to share it with the relevant stakeholders. Hippo Video facilitates easy sharing by generating the link and pasting it into emails or other sales-facing platforms. This way, anyone with the link can enter the room, have access to all of its content, and interact with you.

Quick Tip: Before sharing the link with prospects, check our “Require Email To View” feature to have visibility on the new additions in the decision-making team.

Bonus Step

Continuously keep updating the content of the room based on the progression of the deal to maintain its relevance to the buyer’s journey. Track the engagement levels of the buying team with different content pieces and tailor your follow-ups accordingly. Plus, don’t forget to add the learnings to your forthcoming Digital Sales Room experiences.

Digital Sales Room Use Cases

Digital Sales Rooms are primarily utilized by companies as sales channels for seamless buyer-seller collaboration. But this centralized and personalized approach can also be employed by other teams throughout the customer journey. For instance, a customer success team can utilize a Digital Sales Room to share a detailed onboarding plan for implementing a customer’s purchase, while an account management team can use a Digital Sales Room to provide updates to the stakeholder team associated with an account.

Here are a few B2B business use cases showing how to employ Digital Sales Rooms for your team’s success.

Digital Sales Room for Buyer Engagement

Digital Sales Rooms is one of the emerging sales technologies that has generated great enthusiasm within the sales community.  It helps to create a seamless buyer engagement plan to drive successful sales outcomes. Alongside unifying the entire buying process—from research to decision-making—it helps in establishing a process of unanimous consensus among the buying team.

Here is how you can use Digital Sales Rooms in your sales processes:

Organize and customize the deal room: Log into your Hippo Video account and set up the Digital Sales Room. Customize it to reflect your branding and create a professional and engaging environment for your buyers. Structure it in a logical and intuitive manner, arranging the documents, presentations, videos, and other resources in easily navigable sections. Use clear and concise titles and descriptions to help buyers quickly find the information they need.

Personalize the buyer experience: Add prospect company’s branding elements and share resources specific to their business needs. Plus, create and add personalized videos explaining your understanding of their company and the value you can provide.

Upload relevant content: Update the Digital Sales Room with new and relevant content that showcases the value of your products or services. This can include case studies, testimonials, product brochures, pricing and security information, and industry reports. Ensure that the content is easily accessible and presented in a visually appealing format.

Enable collaboration and interaction: Once the Digital Sales Room is ready, share it with your prospects. Use its collaboration tools to foster engagement and interaction with the buying team—allowing them to ask questions, provide feedback, and have meaningful conversations with you and your team.

Track buyer engagement: Leverage analytics and tracking features to monitor buyer activity, such as document views, time spent on specific content pieces, and interactions. This data can give you valuable insights into buyer preferences and help you tailor your engagement strategy accordingly.

Follow up and nurture leads: Use the Digital Sales Room as a foundation for ongoing communication with your buyers. Based on their interactions and engagement, follow up with personalized messages or meeting requests. Continuously nurture leads and guide them through the buyer’s journey.

Gather feedback and iterate: Request feedback from your buyers and understand what worked well and what could be improved. Use this feedback to refine and iterate your approach, optimizing the buyer engagement plan over time.

Digital Sales Room for Post-sale Engagement

Customer Success Managers can leverage a Digital Sales Room to streamline the onboarding process—provide a central repository of resources, foster collaboration, and ensure access control—for a seamless customer experience. But before proceeding, make sure you’ve got all the necessary documents like user manuals, training videos, Help Documents, FAQs, templates, or any other relevant content, readily available.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

Organize and customize the deal room: Set up the Digital Sales Room with a clear and organized structure. Create separate sections for different topics or stages of the onboarding process. For example, you could have sections for training and tutorial videos, user guides, frequently asked questions, and more. Tailor it with your company’s logo, color scheme, and other design elements to create a cohesive and branded experience for customers.

Upload onboarding materials: Now start uploading the collected onboarding materials into the appropriate sections in the deal room. Ensure that the documents are well-organized and easily accessible.

Implement access control: Configure the access control settings to grant appropriate access levels to different stakeholders to prevent unauthorized modifications. For example, provide read-only access to customers, while granting editing rights to internal team members.

Communicate and collaborate with customers: Share the Digital Sales Room link with your customers and explain its purpose and benefits, highlighting how it will streamline their onboarding experience. Enable the collaboration features of the Digital Sales Room to encourage customers to leave comments, ask questions, or provide feedback directly within the platform.

Track customer progress: Monitor customer activity within the sales room to understand their engagement and progress. Check if they are accessing the required materials and if they are facing any challenges. This will help you proactively assist them and address any issues that arise.

Gather feedback and iterate: Encourage customers to provide feedback on the onboarding process and the effectiveness of the Digital Sales Room. Collect their suggestions for improvement and iterate on the onboarding plan accordingly. Continuously refine and enhance the deal room based on customer insights.

Digital Sales Rooms for Other Teams

Likewise, Digital Sales Rooms can be leveraged by other business teams in their functional workflows to streamline their collaboration. Based on their functional area, they can upload videos, documents, or other resources to refine their strategies, optimize conversions, and ultimately reach their team goals with greater efficacy.

Unleash the power of Digital Sales Rooms with Hippo Video

Embracing change can be challenging, yet adopting it in its early stages has opportunities. Hippo Video makes it easier for you to adopt this emerging technology, Digital Sales Room, to empower you to ‘Drive Sales Results’ that you desire.

Using Digital Sales Room, sales teams can streamline their outreach process and collaborate with multiple stakeholders at once. They can engage and educate prospects, track engagement, qualify leads faster, and shorten sales cycles.

So, get started with Hippo Video’s Digital Sales Rooms to unlock the potential of seamless collaboration and set yourself up for sales success.