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Transform your documents into captivating videos featuring AI Avatars.

Personalized Website Video Background

Unleash the winning power of personalized videos in your sales cadences and secure more meetings and deals than ever before.

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  • Overview
  • Why WBG video flow for prospecting?
  • When can you leverage WBG video flow?
  • How to use the WBG video flow?
  • Prospecting Video Script


Create personalized videos at scale by adding prospects’ websites as virtual backgrounds and seamlessly integrate these personalized videos into your Sales Cadences. With our personalized prospecting videos, you can take your sales cadences to the next level. By incorporating personalized videos into your sales cadences, you'll experience higher engagement rates, increased trust, and improved response rates.

Why WBG video flow for prospecting?

Personalization at scale: With the Personalized Website Video Background video flow, you can automate the process of generating personalized videos for each prospect. By incorporating their website as a virtual background, you create a customized experience that shows you've done your research and genuinely understand their business.

Enhanced engagement: Adding prospects' websites as virtual backgrounds creates an immersive experience. It visually connects your video message to their business, making it more captivating and relevant. This heightened engagement increases the chances of grabbing their attention, keeping them interested throughout the video, and driving a stronger response.

Stand out from the competition: Traditional prospecting methods often lack personalization and fail to make a lasting impression. By leveraging the Personalized Website Video Background video flow, you differentiate yourself from competitors who rely on generic outreach.

Streamlined workflow: Automating your cadences with the Personalized Website Video Background video flow enables you to generate personalized videos efficiently. From a single video, you can generate multiple variations tailored to different prospects, saving you time and effort.

When can you leverage WBG video flow?

  • Sales prospecting: Use personalized videos with prospects' websites as virtual backgrounds to capture their attention and create a memorable first impression.
  • Outreach campaigns: Incorporate the Personalized Website Video Background video flow into your outreach campaigns to increase response rates and engagement.
  • Linkedin prospecting: Send personalized LinkedIn connection requests. Stand out from the crowd by personalizing your requests and demonstrate your genuine interest in their business and increase the likelihood of them accepting your request.

and more..

These videos can be used across sales engagement tools like HubSpot, Outreach, SalesLoft, etc., LinkedIn DMs or InMails, or via Gmail or Outlook emails. Empower your Sales/Business Development Representatives, Account Executives, Inside Sales Representatives, or any other sales professionals to stand out and captivate audience attention with bespoke-like video messaging across the sales cycle.

Additionally, track viewer engagement for each Personalized Website Video Background video flow in real-time and get valuable insights into users, video engagement, and overall activity levels, and plan your follow-ups efficiently.

How to use the WBG video flow?

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of creating videos with personalized website backgrounds. Contrary to the perception of complexity and technical involvement, you'll be amazed to learn that you can effortlessly produce hundreds of videos with different website backgrounds using just one camera-only video and a mere three minutes of your time. Let's explore how you can leverage this video flow:

Record: Begin by recording a short talking-head video where you introduce yourself, explain the purpose of your outreach, and demonstrate your understanding of the prospect's needs.

Personalize: If you're satisfied with your recording, proceed to personalize the video by adding the prospect's contact name, their email address, and the corresponding website URL. This customization adds a personalized touch to your outreach.

Send: You have multiple options for sending these personalized videos:

  1. Fully Automated Sequence: Integrate Hippo Video with your sales engagement tool to seamlessly incorporate videos into your outreach sequences. Get in touch with us, and we'll assist you with the integration process.
  2. Hippo Video Campaign: Upload a CSV file containing all the necessary prospect data to the Hippo Video platform. From there, you can easily send these personalized videos as a campaign, streamlining your outreach efforts.
  3. Manual Sending: Alternatively, you have the flexibility to send these videos directly via email or save them for sharing at a later time.

Simply choose the method that suits your specific needs.

Empower your outreach efforts, establish meaningful connections, and make a lasting impression on your prospects—all achieved effortlessly within minutes.

Below is a short script that can help you record a prospecting video right away.

Prospecting Video Script

Here’s a sample video script for a quick prospecting video:

Hi There,

I came across your website and was impressed with the outstanding capabilities your platform has. However, companies in the similar space face challenges like {{challenge 1}} and {{challenge 2}}. I’m curious if you have the same problems.

Our solution, {{your company name}} , specializes in {{USP}}. And we have worked on similar use cases/projects with marquee clients like {{your customer name 1}} and {{your customer name 2}}, and have helped them solve these challenges and drive significant growth.

They have seen {{increase metric 1 by x}} and {{improve metric 2 by x}} in {{time period}}.

Do you think this is worth exploring further? Pick a slot from my calendar, and I’d be happy to chat more about this.

By the way, this is {{your name}} from {{your company name}}. Thanks for watching this video. Hoping to chat soon!