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Say goodbye to the tedious traditional video editing methods. Create professional-looking videos in a few clicks with ‘AI Editor’.

Fast and easy video editing in 4 simple steps


Choose a video and open ‘AI Editor’ to transcribe the audio into text.


Remove filler words and other unwanted parts by simply deleting the corresponding text.


Add titles, lower thirds, interludes, and end cards to make your video more engaging.


Bingo! Your pro-like edited video is ready to be sent.

Try ‘AI Editor’ with a free Hippo Video trial account

Go ‘Pro’ without actually being one

Create professional-looking videos in no time

Reduce the time spent on doing multiple retakes for a single video and scale all your video efforts by achieving the desired output with faster editing.

Faster Editing = More Videos

Power your business with more videos across the customer journey that you can create quickly and edit easily—with zero experience.

Make video-viewing delightful

Engage viewers by adding attention-grabbing video titles, section titles, speaker names on lower thirds and concluding the video with an end card—all in just minutes.

Extract small snippets quickly

Import one long video and create multiple short snippets to be embedded in various contexts and places—effortlessly.

Hassle-free subtitling

Auto-generate subtitles in five international languages in a few clicks

Make video-viewing conducive

Allow users to watch videos on mute with the help of auto-generated subtitles.

Widen your reach

Make your videos comprehensible to a global audience with subtitles in 5 different languages other than English.

Command complete attention

Help your audience retain most of what they’ve watched with all three modes of communication—audio, video, and text.

Generate personalized videos at scale with 'Humanize AI'

Hippo Video's new AI video generator that converts text to videos.