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Enable GTM teams to achieve success by empowering them with video content that informs, educates, and delights prospects.

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Videos for Sales Enablement

Sales training videos

Ensure consistency in product knowledge across the sales team, reduce ramp time for new reps, and improve the team’s ability to articulate the product's value proposition better.

Product Explainers

Convey complex product information in an engaging way, make it easier for prospects to understand the product and the value it delivers, and increase conversion rates.

Testimonial Videos

Maintain a ready-to-be-shared repository of testimonial videos that help build trust and credibility for your brand among customers and help prospects relate to real-life success stories.

Competitor comparison

Leverage the power of visuals to position your product better and provide a clear understanding of your product's advantages over competitors in a captivating way.

How-to video guides

Help your support team reduce inquiries, assist users in using the product effectively, and improve customer experience.

Why enablement teams use Hippo Video

AI-Powered Video

Onboard and train reps faster: Reduce ramp time

Enhanced Engagement

Get better visibility on content consumption

Efficient Video Creation

Create informative, engaging, and on-demand training content

Conversion Boost

Ensure consistency in product messaging across the org


AI AvatarAI Script GeneratorVideo FlowsVideo Hubs

AI Avatar

Create and update your knowledge base effortlessly with onboarding videos, how-to videos, and feature explanation videos in minutes using AI Avatar—without going through the conventional video-making hassles.

AI Script Generator

Save time on video scripting. Generate instant scripts for any video by entering a prompt in our AI-powered script generator.

Video Flows

Kickstart your video creation process with pre-designed video templates tailored for various scenarios and use cases.

Video Hubs

Collate all video content into a centralized hub, efficiently organizing it by category for convenient accessibility and effortless sharing with customers.

Boost your team’s successrate with video today!