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3 reasons
why Video Resume
is better

Did you know? On average,
every corporate job opening
attracts 250 resumes.

  • Stand out

    Break the pattern and show them what a strong candidate you are easily with a video resume.

  • Leave a lasting impression

    Show them your personality and impress them even before a live or virtual meeting.

  • Shorten the hiring cycle

    An impressive video resume will help you move down the selection process much quicker than traditional resumes.

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Video Resume Best Practices

  • Well-lit & silent room

    Position yourself with the light source facing you and not behind you. Also,
    choose a quiet location minus the squeaky chair and noisy background.

  • Professional background

    Make use of the Hippo Video Virtual Background to spruce up your videos
    in just a click.

  • Be yourself; Be Authentic

    To build REAL connection, give up the urge for perfection, and be natural
    in your video.

  • Keep the video short

    Be crisp and deliver your video within 90-120 seconds max.

  • Add talking points to our Teleprompter

    Avoid fumbling with your lines by uploading your script into our
    teleprompter and simply read it as it scrolls.

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Here’s How You Can Get Started
ISTE 2018 is fast approaching. Record a video on its importance & the importance of the video in education.
Here are a few points to get you started.

Why Use Videos in Education?

Boost student teacher engagement
Save hours of repetitive teaching
Re-watch & learn at own pace
Promote interactive learning
Collect student & teacher feedback
Facilitates peer-to-peer collaboration

Why Attend ISTE

Unlimited networking opportunities
Multitude of keynote sessions
Lectures, BYODs, hands-on learning
Access to latest EdTech products & services
Highly relevant professional learning opportunities
Pick up cool swag for your classroom from expo halls

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