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Hippo Video for Gong

Unlock the power of videos in your revenue engine with Hippo Video X Gong. In real time, unify your video engagement data with other sales conversation data to improve customer understanding, sales performance, and win rates.

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Break free from scattered video data

Hippo Video integrates with Gong and brings all your video interactions data from various platforms together on a single window. This eliminates manual data consolidation and gets all your valuable information centralized for a winning sales strategy.

Gain deeper customer insights

Gain a holistic view of customer interactions by capturing and unifying video engagement data in Gong. Analyze nonverbal cues in videos alongside other sales conversations to understand customer sentiment and buying signals more effectively.

Craft personalized video follow-ups

Access Hippo Video from within Gong's email composer to create personalized follow-ups for every lead based on their real-time engagement activity. Be it a product demo, objection handling, or a post-meeting follow-up, create videos with ease at every sales stage.

Create Videos without recording

Create videos without recording one. With our AI Avatar technology, you can get a quick and stress-free alternative to creating videos for your sales conversations. Choose an avatar from our library (or create your own), upload your script, and generate a video.

Coach reps for success

With Gong, identify top-performing video formats and leverage these insights to coach reps. Pinpoint areas for improvement to elevate their video communication skills with personalized coaching sessions for maximum impact.

Break free from scattered video dataGain deeper customer insightsCraft personalized video follow-upsCreate Videos without recordingCoach reps for success

Take your sales video strategy a notch higher with Hippo Video and Gong

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