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Hippo Video
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Transform your sales engagement with personalized videos in Salesloft. Record, edit, & add videos to your emails, automated cadences, and track video performance, all right inside Salesloft!

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Add personalized videos to your prospecting emails; Be seen through the clutter & engage better

With Hippo Video integration, personally connect with each prospect by recording 1:1 videos or selecting existing ones from the library, editing and sharing them directly inside Salesloft without switching through multiple tabs.

Deliver personalized video experiences right into your prospect’s inbox and turn every touchpoint impactful

Delight prospects by sharing your video as a personalized sales page. Pick from a variety of ready-made templates, add a primary video that can be complemented with a carousel of videos, links, and docs, to engage & nurture prospects like never before. Add interactive CTAs and personalize the page with brand colors, company logo, contact information - all of this with no code & within minutes!

Personalized videos in cadences - perfect balance between automation & humanization

Breathe life into your Salesloft cadences by adding videos to them at key touchpoints. Keep your prospects engaged and nurture them effectively with personalized video content while increasing productivity at the same time with videos in cadences.

Keep a close watch with our video reports & activity tab and never miss out on hot prospects

Hippo Video’s real-time analytics lets you keep a close tab on hot prospects and video performance right inside Salesloft. Monitor a range of metrics such as no of. video views, time and date watched, percentage of video watched, and get notified as soon as a prospect watches a video. Prioritize your hot prospects and close deals faster.

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