Video use-cases for sales teams to maximize engagement and conversions
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Go from Text to Video in minutes!

Unleash the power of AI Avatars to elevate your content game

Transform the way you sell with an AI-powered video platform

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Stand out and connect personally with your prospects by effortlessly creating and sharing personalized videos. Leave a lasting impact, build stronger relationships, and close more deals.

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Hippo Video: The Ultimate Choice for SDRs & AEs

AI-Powered Video

AI-Powered Video

Leverage the latest AI technology to create impactful videos.

Enhanced Engagement

Enhanced Engagement

Connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Efficient Video Creation

Efficient Video Creation

Streamline your video creation process, saving time and resources.

Conversion Boost

Conversion Boost

Drive sales and conversions like never before.

Personalize at scale

Personalize at scale

Personalize one video for 1000s of recipients effortlessly

From cold leads to closed deals

Video use cases for every stage

SDR CadenceLinkedIn VideosMeeting reminders & recaps

SDR Cadence

Elevate your outreach by adding a human touch. Enhance email engagement using personalized videos strategically placed at key touchpoints in your automated cadence

LinkedIn Videos

Elevate your LinkedIn connections with impactful video messages, adding a personal touch that resonates on a deeper level.

Meeting reminders & recaps

Reduce the number of no-shows by sending friendly video email reminders and ensure alignment with prospects through recap videos that cover the discussed points.

Product demos

Hook prospects by sharing a sneak peek of your product and the problem it can solve for your prospects.


To effectively nurture prospects and keep them engaged, share relevant video content throughout the buying journey to prevent them from going cold.

Walkthrough videos

Share video walkthroughs of contracts, proposals, and other sales documents to ensure clarity and eliminate any potential for misinterpretation.

Product demosFollow-upsWalkthrough videos
Account handoffsHoliday wishesVideo Hubplay icon

Account handoffs

Streamline and save time with asynchronous sales-to-success handoffs, reducing the necessity for multiple Zoom meetings.

Holiday wishes

Stay top-of-mind with your prospects and customers by sending personalized holiday greeting videos that are both memorable and effortless to create.

Video Hub

Centralize all your product video guides and tutorials in one hub. Share this valuable resource with your prospects to boost product adoption effectively.

Hippo Video Features

Instantly Create Videos with AI Avatars - No Recording Needed!

Create lifelike, high-quality videos featuring AI presenters within minutes.Unleash the power of AI to create a wide range of video content, like prospecting videos, engaging follow-ups, and informative product demos. Make your communication more impactful while staying productive.

Create 100s of personalized videos from one video

Record one video and seamlessly personalize it for as 100s of prospects by adding their company website or LinkedIn profile as video backgrounds. Delight prospects at scale without sacrificing productivity.

Effortless Video Creation: Templates for Every Scenario

Kickstart your video creation journey with our library of ready-to-use templates, meticulously crafted for a wide range of use cases and scenarios. Simply pick a template, and you'll be able to complete your video creation in no time. 

Improve connect rates and conversions with videos!

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