AI Avatar Video Generator: Create Lifelike Videos in Seconds
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Go from Text to Video in minutes!

Unleash the power of AI Avatars to elevate your content game

Create videos instantly with AI avatars - No recording required!

Produce high-quality, lifelike videos featuring AI presenters effortlessly within minutes. Say goodbye to the hassles of filming and hello to effortless content creation!

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Why choose AI Avatars for your next video project?

No need for Lights, Camera, or Action!

Conventional Video

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A time-consuming process taking anywhere from weeks to months.

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Technical expertise & assistance are needed. 

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Need to rent space, crew, and expensive equipment.

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Expensive to produce professional-quality videos.

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Tough to scale due to the complexity and hassles involved.

Avatar Videos

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Creating videos is a breeze; it takes just a few minutes.

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Completely DIY. Anyone can do it.

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All you need is an idea and your laptop.

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Extremely budget-friendly. Your CFO will love us.

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Highly scalable, capable of generating any number of videos effortlessly.

Go from script to stunning videos in minutes!

Pick from a wide range of presenters

Pick from a wide range of presenters

Discover a wide range of AI Avatars ready to be your video presenter, or create personalized avatars by simply uploading your own photo.

Video narration simplified

Enter your script and choose from a diverse range of voices to bring it to life. You can also upload a pre-recorded voice-over file and watch the AI avatar flawlessly lip-sync to it.

Video narration simplified
Communicate in more than 140 languages

Communicate in more than 140 languages

Widen your reach to a global audience by creating videos in a wide range of international languages. 

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Use-cases: AI Videos for customer-facing teams 

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Accelerate campaign launches by effortlessly creating product explainers and how-to videos in minutes, not days.

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Customer Support

Enhance customer assistance by converting lengthy help articles into user-friendly video guides & knowledge base videos.

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Customer Success

Boost customer engagement through informative onboarding videos, exciting new feature releases, insightful explainers, and delightful seasonal greetings.

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Increase outreach effectiveness with personalized videos featuring custom avatars that do not affect rep productivity.

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Sales Enablement

Transform sales training into interactive, engaging video content for heightened effectiveness.

How to create an AI Avatar video?

how to step 1

Select an avatar

how to step 2

Enter your script

how to step 3

Choose a voice-over

how to step 4

Generate video

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GDPR & ISO 27001 Compliant

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Content Moderation

Content Moderation

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Trust & Safety

Trust & Safety

We prioritize the highest level of data protection and uphold ethical practices in the application of AI technology.