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Humanize engagement
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AI videos

Generate videos from text within minutes
with Hippo Video’s new AI feature ‘Humanize’

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AI Video Generator

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Reach 1000s!

Personalize both voice and background at scale with Humanize AI. Deliver tailored video content to a vast audience while investing the time and effort needed for just one.  Takes less than 2 mins!

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See Humanize AI in action

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How does Humanize AI work?

Here’s how you can send personalized videos using Humanize in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Record & upload a video of yourself to train the Humanize AI with your voice & visuals.

Step 2

Type your script to generate videos & upload an excel with recipient details like name, company name etc.

Step 3

Your Humanized video will be ready in minutes. Launch campaign & delight your audience.

Step 4

Launch the campaign and delight your prospects.

Why Humanize?

Increase CTRs by 200-300%.

Users are more likely to watch and take action on video content that is personalized and relevant to them.

Book 2x more meetings

Our customers have seen a 2x increase in meetings booked and a 3x increase in response rates with personalized videos.

Create videos 10x faster

Create videos for a large audience but with only a fraction of the time & effort. Don't sacrifice personalization for productivity anymore.

How does Humanize AI Video Generator work?

Record and upload the video message to be personalized

Share recipient’s name and website URLs for personalization

Humanize AI generates personalized videos for all prospects

Record > Personalize > Automate

Eliminate the need for manual sending of personalized videos, saving significant time and effort.

Send videos as soon as a new user signs up, a lead is qualified, or any event of your choice.

Instantly delight customers at every interaction and accelerate their journey through the sales funnel.

Deploy Video AI across business touchpoints

From personalized video email campaigns to onboarding new customers, the possibilities are endless.

  • Video email campaigns
  • Webinar invite videos
  • Event invite videos
  • Videos for ABM
  • Newsletter videos
  • Outbound Prospecting videos
  • Micro demos
  • Videos in outbound sequence
  • Video greetings
Customer Success & Support
  • Customer onboarding video
  • Training Video
  • MBR/QBR videos